St. Patrick’s Day irks me

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” title=”This is the first for the Princess L to do”>This is the first for the Princess L to do

So in NY on St. Patrick’s day EVERYONE seems to think they are Irish. I don’t know why this bothers me so much but when I say that I am actually, like actually born and have my entire family there, people seem to just brush it off and say yea this shirt I bought may have been made in Ireland. Arrghhh. The next question is “are you eating corned beef and cabbage?” – NO! That is an american thing.

Ok let me get off that rant or else it will go on forever.

So this is the plan for the weekend so far. Right now I can barely see from this damn migraine still. I have my little pile of 6 pills to take to try to get them to feel better – all of which tell me they may cause drowsiness. (I swear you say you have children and the doctors look at you like you have two heads… what you don’t want to be falling asleep taking care of a 2 and 10 week old??) I have L painting with construction paper and water, best thing ever because she can’t make a mess and it still looks like paint. J is downstairs with my in-laws for a little while and i’m watching Ellen on TV. Mr. A is in bed until around 4ish as he worked last night.

We have two different plans for tonight… if I am feeling up to it we may go to my friend’s house about 30 minutes away and if I dont think I can go to the party, which at the minute is questionable, we will have dinner with our friends in the house here. Something very low key as money is slightly tight at the minute. I also want to work on a project for mothers day.

I am planning on doing two projects from Pinterest



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