Not enough time

I had such good intentions of getting an entire list of things done today. I did accomplish a lot but wish I had about 5 more hours in the day. It always seems like when it gets to this point in the night (11:30pm) is when I am most creative. I have always been like that but now being the mom of two I don’t get the luxury of sleeping in.

Friday nights are usually the night that L goes downstairs and sleeps with my in-laws. (yes we all live together!)

Lately however she has decided that she doesn’t want to stay. I know this is because she has a tv in her room and is allowed to watch one movie before going to bed. Most people may think this is a bit excessive for a 2 year old but to tell you the truth I don’t care what people think. She is normally good and does stay in her bed and watch and then drifts off to sleep. Back to what I was talking about, so L normally stayed downstairs on Friday which meant I didn’t mind staying up until the wee hours of the morning but now she comes up and sleeps in her bed. I normally do send her down Saturday mornings so she can play with her grandparents but it does mean that I am still getting up, changing her diaper, listening to her morning chatter and then possibly feeding her breakfast or letting her have a quick cuddle with me. I am usually more awake than I would like to be at this point but do fall back to sleep.

So tomorrow is a new day. I have updated my list of things to do and have taken a few away. I am going to try to go to bed without turning on the tv myself and J has just fallen asleep and I want to take advantage of it.

I was also going to take my computer into bed with me to read up on my new blogging friends blogs but I keep finding myself in a maze of interesting topics and therefore will NEVER get to bed. Thank  you to the ladies at #pinaddicts for some wonderful reading material.

I bid you all a goodnight 😉


2 responses to “Not enough time

  1. Good to hear that I am ‘normal’ – I am the same as you: I start wanting to do things and make and create when most people are in bed… mmm.. I have been trying to understand whether it is just the way some of us are wired or whether it comes from your upbringing… my parents were certainly late birds! Maybe a combination… what do you think?

    • My mom is the same way. She loves staying up late. I just wish that I had one night a week that I didn’t have to go to bed to get up with the kids.
      I do have craft Monday’s with one of my good friends so it’s great to be able to do that.

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