Mother’s Day … in Ireland!

So I found out the other day that it is Mother’s Day in Ireland today. I of course felt awful as my mom is now living in Ireland. Usually its around the same time… possibly a week or so off. I didn’t have enough time to get anything together and mailed and instead of it being late just decided that I would send her a care package around Mother’s day here which is May 13th. My mom’s birthday is also on April 15th so she should be getting two packages within a month of each other 🙂

Today has been a lovely day. The sun is shining and its about 72 degrees outside….amazing weather for this time of year. There was a parade this morning in  Blauvelt, NY for St. Patrick’s day but Mr. A was really tired this morning so I didn’t bother to beg to go and I didn’t want to venture out with two kids as my oldest was up at 6am and JUST went down for a nap at 4:30!! Mr. A decided to sleep until around 1:30 and has since been tackling the bathroom. We needed out faucet changed in the bathtub and it proved to be a much bigger job than anticipated. There is a 4×4 foot square of tile now missing and the bathtub will be ripped out and replaced within the week. This however is good news as I HATE the bathtub that is in there at the minute. So until that is all done the faucet will go back on and a plastic bag with tape will be put in place to keep everything dry. Yes a plastic bag people… don’t hate.

I am in the middle of cooking dinner, nothing fancy, just some italian seasoned chicken and rice. My MIL is making irish soda break and sausage rolls, but is using italian sausage so I won’t really be trying those as I only like irish sausage (no pun intended!.) After dinner I promised the princess that we would go outside and play on the swings. The weather should be nice enough to just stick on a sweatshirt and hang out for an hour or so before the sun goes down. Mr. A is off work tonight (Sunday is one of my favorite day’s of the week for this reason) so we will try to catch up on some shows when L goes to bed. The only problem is that since he is used to working nights and only gets a few hours sleep on Sunday mornings he is usually tired around 9pm lol which is L’s bedtime as well.

Okay my chicken has 30 seconds left and then its downstairs for a full family meal. I shall update more later and try to add some pictures from our outside adventures 🙂

Make it a good one!!


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