Who needs sleep!?

I went to bed last night at a decent time about 11:30. I took J to bed as he had just eaten and Mr. A stayed up as L wasn’t sleeping yet. She took such a late nap that she didn’t get up until 7:30 which meant she didn’t fall asleep last night until almost 1am!! J didn’t fall asleep until around then either but I was dozing on and off.

J slept from about 1 – 4:30 which isn’t bad for him. (He is a snacker so he doesn’t eat for more than 7 minutes at a time therefore he only sleeps about 2 hours still.) I woke up and fed him and put him back in his bassinet and tried to get back to sleep, this proved to be difficult. Not only was my head pounding, this i’m getting used too, but my back hurt so bad that it was actually taking my breathe away. I had to take a painkiller in the middle of the night.

For those of you who don’t know, many i’m sure, I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease. It is a common thing but it started in me when I was 16-18. When I got pregnant with L my back was bad and no doctor believed me they thought that I was only looking for pain killers to ease my drug habit. (Yea i’m a huge junkie…insert sarcasm here.) I finally got to a doctor that listened to me and took some tests. The day of the test she called me at home at 10:00pm to tell me that I would be taken out of work immediately as I had hardly any disk left between my spine in a certain section. I got taken out of work and had L in Sept 2009. I got my back examined again in Feb 2010 and on the first visit was told that I now was just rubbing bone on bone and in the short time my disk was completely gone. Surgery was scheduled immediately. So at 31 I now have a cadaver bone in my spine and two metal rods and screws holding it in. I was told that the top and bottom vertebrata are in bad shape and I will most likely need surgery every 5 years until it is resolved. The problem is with every surgery it makes the top and bottom vertebrata weaker and it leaves my mobility a little worse. Trust me I am not really complaining because since I have had the surgery things have been much better, it is a different kind of pain but recently…since have J (and having a horrible C-section experience) my back pain has started getting worse.

But here I am. Its 9:00am the sun is shining, I have my Princess already painting at her table, she has requested chicken and rice soup for breakfast and the two men in my life are sleeping in bed. I am heading off to one of my best friend Nikki’s house in a bit and spending the day with her. I don’t know if she realizes how amazing a day like today is for me. I LOVE doing crafts but find it hard to do things on my own (I attribute this to being an only child) so having a friend that loves to do these things with me and someone to listen to me rant and rave is such a blessing. I am convinced that she was brought into my life to make it better and she really has.(She is also the person that I am trying to start a cookie business with and if it takes off we will be stay at home mom’s who get to bake and eat cookies! HELLO DREAM JOB!)

This post is kind of all over the place LOL. I will write more later about the C-section with J and I will post a few pics from today. We didn’t end up going outside last night because it was dark when L woke up so no pictures.

I am also determined to start the 365/366 project today but have to link up to it first.

Make it a good one!

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