The hardest part of writing this blog is coming up with the titles for my posts. I want to make them interesting but they never seem to be… anyway.

I woke up this morning to a RAGING headache. I swear this thing just wont go away – it’s been what…* Looks up to sky and thinks* 4+ weeks of a non stop headache. I needed to get up thought because we had our furniture people come to fix the few things that were wrong and the guy did a wonderful job.

L woke up in an a wierd mood so I sat her down and told her we were going to have a good day and she needed to get out of her funk, I made her breakfast and she was on her way to being in a better mood. She like watching what the furniture guy was doing and was also playing in her bedroom. I had all the windows and doors open as it was 60 today. Once the guy left I went downstairs and started sorting pictures that I have to scan and send to my mom in Ireland. I want to make sure that i scan them before I send them so I have copies. L played in her kitchen and with papa while I got everything separated and into piles. I took L upstairs at 1 and put her to bed. I wanted her to get to sleep early because we had a BBQ to go to at 4. She finally fell asleep just before 4 so me and Mr A decided to leave her until about 5:00 so she would get at least an hour. I did my makeup and got dressed and got the lil man ready to go and we headed off. We met up with someone that Mr A works with and Mr A’s cousin. It was nice to go to someones house and meet new people. They have a 5 yr old daughter so L was right at home. They also had two dogs that L loved to run around the yard with. We got home about 10 and Mr A played his video game before he went to bed.

I’m in bed now and am planning on turning off the TV to go to sleep. J is sleeping sound beside me so I am hoping that he sleeps for a few hours.

Ohhh AND I made lip gloss today! I will post pics tomorrow. I also made an AMAZING dinner last night. I will post about that too. Goodnight all

**for all those out there… I really hope someone finds any of these posts interesting. I feel like this is boring for anyone else reading but its a good way to get my thoughts out there. Plus I know you are all stalking me and what I am making next from Pinterest!

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