“The Fricken Dog”

This morning came way to early. J slept good last night but, of course, L woke up at 5:00am and was ready to get up. I convinced her to lie back down and within 2 minutes she was sound asleep again thank goodness. Once I got back to bed J decided it was time to eat ughhh. The good thing is when I look at his little face I can’t be upset or mad I just do my thing and feed him some boob :).

Mr. A got home at 8:15 and L had just gotten up when he asked if I wanted to sleep a little longer I took the opportunity as my head was POUNDING and let me not get started on my back. I slept until 10:30 and felt pretty good. Mr. A went to bed and I took over the mom roll again. L was hungry and so was J. I got J fed first (he tends to scream a lot louder than L when he is hungry so don’t judge me). I then fed bean she wanted some candy haha big surprise there. She just had cereal, soup and some chicken so I figured candy was okay. After her Starburst she said she wanted a sandwich, now my child can eat but some days its much more than others, I made her a peanut butter and jelly and she ate the whole thing…. and then asked for another one! This time I only made her half because I figured she wouldn’t eat it all. WRONG… she ate all of it and asked for yet another one. I told her that she would have a belly ache and it was now time for a nap. I got her into bed and settled in watching a movie (The Jungle Book one of her favorites). I fed J again and got him in his swing and put on one of my shows.

Ahhhhh silence wait for it…wait for it… “MOMMMMMYYYYYYY”.

I get up from my chair and go to her room. “Yes L”

“I need a Clifford juice (Little juice boxes she enjoys)”
“Okay L you can have one but lie back down”
I come back from getting her a Clifford and she has all her babies on the floor

“What are you doing L?”
“My babies have to go on the potty”

Here she is with her babies on the floor, sticking their butts inside her little play house and then flushing the toilet because it makes the noise. Once EVERY baby had went potty I got her into bed again. Three hours later she is finally asleep!

I got myself ready to go with my friend to her appt with a florist for her wedding. We left about 10 to 6 and got to the ladies house just before the 6pm appointment. At 6:15 we left, not because it went that amazingly fast but because the woman DIDN’T SHOW UP! It was at her house for god’s sake. She called an hour and a half later to say that she doesn’t have an excuse, she went shopping and lost track of time. Seriously…. seriously… lost track of time. WTF!
At least the evening wasn’t a complete loss. We went to Michael’s and got some of the crafty stuff we need for our Saturday craft day. I am excited because I have a bunch of presents that I am working on for Christmas. My goal is to be done by August so I can focus on the fun parts of the holiday season this year and not running around trying to find the perfect gift with absolutely no money. I am in bed now 11:36. I am going to watch an episode of worst cooks in America… feed and change J and then try to get him to sleep so I can sleep myself. I must point out that L still isn’t sleeping and I have to wait for her to go to sleep before I can.


Onto the story about my title…. last night we got home and Hailey (Our golden retriever) had eaten one of L’s dolls. There were legs and arms all over the place and I found her head underneath my recliner this morning, scared the crap out of me!!. I thought L was going to have a meltdown. At 2.5 things are much more sever than they are when you are my age but instead she bent down… looked at me and picked up a leg (which I found hilarious) and said “mama look what the fricken dog did.” I said “I know bean im very sorry that she ate your doll” she said “that fricken dog is just so bad sometimes mama, I don’t know what to do with her.” I really had to hold in the laughter and took all the little pieces and put the poor little doll in the garbage.


Oh how I love my children 🙂


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