An apple a day …

Today I had a Neurologist appointment to find out why I have these migraines. After waiting in the office for an hour and 20 I sat in the little room for another 25 minutes, all the while the kids were in the car with Mr. A. I felt really bad that they were there but I didn’t want to go to the appt myself because I had never been there before. The Dr I met with was VERY nice, he really was worth the wait. He told me that sometimes when women give birth there is a part of their brain that changes, similar to postpartum but, it causes migraines. The problem with this is that it can then cause them for the rest of your life frequently. He put me on a daily medication and gave me something to take when I am getting a headache. Here is my big problem…I am currently breastfeeding and the medication that I got for daily use does come through in my milk. The Dr said that it only comes through a tiny bit and it should be fine but I have to research it. I really don’t want to stop nursing but some people are telling me that it might be better so I can take different medications. I do agree with that but I am so committed to nursing J that I would rather not take any medication. So I am going to start with the medication after I research it and I also have to have an MRI of my brain to see if can see anything.

I then talked to the Dr about my back, the great this is that he can help me with both so I made an appt for two weeks from now so he can go over both MRI’s. Tomorrow morning at 8:45 I have the MRI for my back. Once it’s over and I get the cd I will be able to see myself if I need surgery again. I am really hoping I don’t because that would mean that I wouldn’t be able to pick up the babies for at least 8 weeks and I would have to wear my back brace for all hours that I am sitting up or standing. It was very hard when I couldn’t pick L up but now that I won’t be able to pick up L or J it will be even worse.

After I get the info tomorrow I will update all my followers 🙂


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