Clean up clean up, everybody everywhere

This week I feel like I can’t get a handle on my house! I feel like I clean and clean but when I look around it looks like a mess. Every night when its time to go to bed is when I feel like cleaning. If L would sleep late then i would def stay up but knowing that she can get up between 6:30 (like this morning) or 8:30 I tend to try to go to bed.

I spent yesterday at my friend Nikki‘s house doing crafts. We made our own homemade Vanilla Extract which I tweeted about earlier. We also did a few other crafts and are getting into a good rhythm of crafting on Monday’s. Ever since I started going to Nikki’s I feel like I am a lot more crafty at home. I always liked doing things, my mom and me used to craft from I was really little, but I haven’t felt like dragging everything out and doing it at home. Since Nikki’s things are different. I can’t wait to find more things on Pinterest to either tag so i can work on it on Monday or I start it at home. The best part is that L is starting to get into it as well and wants to help with everything so I know I will have someone to help me in the years to come.

After crafting my and Mr. A (along with J) went out with his cousin Eric and his Fiance Shelby. We are both in their wedding next year so we are trying to hang out more to get to know them better and so far its been all good. They took us out to dinner because Mr. A was working on Eric’s car. They totally went overboard though because they bought all of us Easter presents and then setup an Easter egg hunt for L on Easter morning (along with getting her more presents). So we went to Outback and had a great dinner. I really enjoy hanging out with them and it seems like we will be doing it more often.  Mr.A was tired when we got home and went straight to bed. I cleaned the kitchen and then fed J and put him in the bassinet. He slept from 12 – 5:30! It was magical 🙂

This morning I got up at 8:45 with the worst headache. L was in a good mood for most of the day and we got a few crafts done. She painted and we started a Mother’s day present for both grandmothers. She went down for a nap and Mr. A and me watched the second to last episode of Walking Dead. I then got ready to go to my MRI. I had a brain scan today for my veins and will have another one tomorrow with contrast for my soft tissue. It only lasted 15 minutes but I was there for over an hour. I got home and we ordered Chinese food for dinner and had one of our friends Chris over. After dinner L went downstairs with Papa for a bit and I put her to bed at 9:30. I have been sitting here while J is sleeping trying to get the motivation to get up and do something but it isn’t working. I figure I will go to bed will Mr. A leaves for work (11:15) and I will watch a show or two.

Tomorrow I have my scan at 2:30 and work from 5:30 – 9:30. I have work on Thursday and then dinner with friends and work Friday and then I am meeting Nikki at the dollar store. Mr. A is going away for the weekend so it will be all me Sat and Sun. Sat I am trying to find something fun to do with the kids and Christine and Sun the kids, me and Nikki might do a picnic. It should be a lot of fun!


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