Are you the mom you thought you would be?

My Cousin brought up a good question today. Are you the mother you thought you would be. I think we all have a preconceived notion that we will be perfect parents. We look at other families and think ” gee I would not act like that ” then, you become a mom. Things change and the ideas you had go out the window. I know I yell more Than I wanted to but I am trying to work at it. L is not throwing as many tantrums and I am getting more sleep now so it is easier but I still need to work on it. I also want to think of more crafts for her to do. As she gets older this too will get much easier.
I try, when we are out or at others houses, to be self conscious of my kids and other people. I feel I do a good job at keeping them under control ( although they are both very well behaved anyway ).

I hope people that read this that don’t have kids yet realize that it is the toughest job out there. It’s the most rewarding job also and I am in love with being a mommy. Just make sure that when you are out, or on a plane, or at someone’s house that you cut the parents a bit of slack bc they are probably just as mortified as you if their child starts to act up.

And just because here are a few pics I my two babies.




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