Setting a goal

I set small goals for myself quite often, most of them have to do with things around the house such as cleaning etc…

I set a goal to get myself more organized and try to make a but more money. I have a job interview tomorrow for a bookkeeping position at a local trucking company. I did this type of job for almost 12 years so I should be good at it and it does come with more responsibility which I enjoy. I am hoping that since it is a step up from what I am doing at the minute there will be more money involved. My only issue is that I may then have to put the kiddo’s into daycare so I can work. I have some reservations about that.

1. J is still so little, being only 3 months I feel that he doesn’t need daycare right now and should be home with me but, I know this is silly as most moms don’t get the luxury of staying home with their kids.

2. I don’t want to pay out more or equal to the amount that i bring home every week because then whats the point. I do want to get out of the house for a bit (yes sometimes I need adult conversation although L is smarter than some adults I know)

3. If Mr. A gets a new job he may be at work until very late and if I do have a babysitter/daycare for the days I work then I won’t get any “me” time. This does sound horribly selfish when I type it out but at the moment I get to spend Monday’s with Nikki and I do get some time when L takes a nap.

However, L is such a smart little girl that I feel daycare/Pre-K would be very good for her. She loves to play with other kids and would be learning all day. We don’t know a lot of people around our area with small kids so it would be nice to get to know some other families as well.

I will see how things go on the interview tomorrow and decide from there, it might not even be a job that I want to pursue.

So, back to my goals… I am proud to say that I am finally getting things organized. I have started working on getting my blog a bit more organized and think I finally found a theme I like. I upgraded to pro so I have more options when it comes to working with it (but now have to figure out all the new options grrrr.) I got all my crafty stuff into a new rolly bin container and the dining room is finally clean. Check out my pic

Tomorrow I am going to tackle bills and organizing the kitchen/pantry a bit more. I also want to work on figuring out how to get the menu’s on my blog fixed and linking up with some other projects.  I already have something out for dinner and since I now don’t have to work tomorrow I should have a chance to make something good. We may go out for ice cream after dinner with Christine so that should be fun. (I LOVE hanging out with her and her soon to be husband (Aka Gatto/chris/J’s godfather)

Okay okay I REALLY need to go to bed. Its 1:30am. J slept for 7 hours in a row last night so fingers crossed he does it again. The dogs are up to something so let me check that out … I am off

Goodnight 😉

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