Being forced to buy a new computer

Okay so I procrastinate sometimes… sue me. Look in the mirror and tell me that you don’t ever do it.. Go ahead I will give you a minute.

**Twiddles thumbs** – SEE I told you – we all procrastinate.

I had gotten an email a while back about moving my .me account (Which is my mac mail among other things) to the new iCloud account. I thought this would be easy enough but probably expensive so I put it off. I decided today (since by 8:00 I already had all the floors swept, washed, furniture pledges, dishes done and laundry started) that I would start on some of my “To do” items. One of those items was to look up the iCloud phenomenon. I soon realized that in order to move my info over that I would need to buy a new freakin laptop. Yes people a new laptop. Mine is too old to support logging into a website to check my mail… seriously! After ohhh about an hour I realized that I could use my FIL’s PC to transfer my info. It took 5 minutes and no new computer was needed. It did get me to thinking though, what kind of society do we live in. No one has money, except those that have an outrageous amount of it and refuse to share, so why do we have to struggle SO much just to have mail. Why do I have to be stressed about buying a new laptop just to be able to keep my email address? I do realize I could have just changed my address but everything in my life for the last 8+ years has been linked to this one so I didn’t want to change it. I did whine like a baby and stomped my feet a bit but all in all I wanted to keep it and by golly I did.

Now however I really really want an iPad because the thought got into my head that I might have needed one ahhh damn you Apple!

Anywho, I had an interview today as well. It went very well I think. They told me that I was the best candidate for the job so far and that I may be a good fit. The place seems to be nice and laid back and I wouldn’t be smothered with someone looking over my shoulder everday so I think I would like it very much. I am slightly nervous about possibly starting a new company as it is a lot of responsibility to do someones payroll again but I am up to the challenge. The job is three days a week – two full days and one half (I believe) so the kids will be a little problem. I don’t want/can’t afford to send them to daycare for the two days I would be full time and I don’t know if Mr. A could stay up after working all night to watch them all day while I go to work. I will be getting a call by Monday to let me know if I have the job and I can discuss the days I would be working then. Oh how I hope it’s not Monday as I still NEED my craft day with Nikki.

Today L came up to me and asked me for pizza for dinner. I explained that we didn’t have pizza but maybe Papa would bring it home for dinner. I put her on the phone to Papa and the conversation went like this.

L: Hi Papa

Papa: Hi punky (his nickname for her)

L: Papa I want pizza for lunch (she calls dinner lunch sometimes) but, we don’t have pizza do you think you could bring some home for us to eat?

Papa: sure Punky I can do that

L: Okay Thank you.

I swear to you it was the first time I realized that my little baby could hold an entire conversation on the phone by herself. I didn’t have to step in and tell him what she said, or relay any message she did it all on her own. She is getting so grown up and as much as I want to keep her my little baby girl forever I am so excited to see what she is going to be like as she gets older.

Last thing… I need help from my bloggers out there. I am having an issue with my menu and for the love of gosh I can’t figure it out. Its driving me MAD! I have menu’s at the top of my page and one of them for example is 365 project. Currently when you hover over 365 project it shows you all of the pages that belong there. If you click on it the link just brings you to a page that explains what the project is. What I want to happen is this – when you click on the 365 project it will bring up a page of all of my pictures in a row. Check out my cousin’s blog for an example

I have a theme that allows custom menus and I have went through the wordpress tutorial a few times but I can’t seem to figure it out. I swear I have worked on this WAY too long and i’m getting very annoyed with it. Please please help. Keep in mind that I have a few other menu items that I want the same thing for, so I can’t have it just work on one particular menu item.

Alright goodnight friends. I hope that things are going well in your lives and that you wake up tomorrow happy and healthy. Remember to keep in a positive head-space and everything else will fall into place.




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