Living room, dining room, kitchen

Yes those are all of the rooms that are getting a make-over in my house at the minute. I am really happy that it’s getting done but things are a bit crazy in the house. I wish I could say that the house is a mess because of the construction but I have a lot to do with it. Since me and Nikki have started our crafting day once a week I seem to have brought most of my things out of storage. I’m sure most crafters understand that you feel like you need to have EVERYTHING on hand all at once. When you have a three bedroom house and every room has been occupied by a person this tends to get hard. Mr. A is not too happy at all the things that seem to be making their way back. Some other people in the house feel the same way… oh well. I am trying to figure out a way to keep stuff within reach but not overtake the house. It is a bit stressful but, I don’t know just yet what to get rid of. Mr A. seems to think that I should get rid of some things , I explained that this is my thing, crafts are all I do other than being a mom and wife and I don’t want to sell or throw things away. We were going to put my totes in the garage but, we are now having a garage sale so it’s full. Oh well eventually they will be moved out there. I really need to go through things and organize so it’s easier to see what I need and when. I just have to get Mr. A to realize that my stuff isn’t crap as it gets called.

The kitchen is nearly done. He put the backsplash on today and the oak topper. I will have pictures up tomorrow. There are just a few finishing touches to be done and I can finally get the kitchen completely organized. That makes me very happy.

Tomorrow is Mr. A’s mom’s birthday. I still haven’t done her presents yet but will get them done in the morning. The frame and the mats are done but the pictures for the frame itself isn’t. I am very excited to see what it will all look like together. I will also post pics of those when it’s done. We are going out to dinner tomorrow night. my MIL doesn’t know but her Aunt and Uncle, MIL and her sister and BIL are all joining us for dinner :). They are all going to arrive at the house and she doesn’t have a clue. I’m so excited. I also want to make a sugar free cake so after I go to my “Mandatory” meeting at work tomorrow morning at 7am! I will stop at shoprite.

More pics to come  tomorrow, I should have plenty to post… look for it.


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