Kids crafts as presents

My MIL’s birthday was this past Sunday and I wanted to do something special. I had seen a few things on Pinterest (Of course) and decided it was the perfect gift. Anything that involves grand kids tends to be a great idea.

I took L’s hand and I painted it with pink paint, her favorite color of course. I then had her press it onto a piece of white construction paper. I painted a stem and two leaves in two different color greens and I placed it in a frame that I bought a special mat for.

I then too J’s little feet and painted them all different colors. I placed them in the same paper and then used a paintbrush and water to paint in where I wanted the butterfly body and wings. The great thing about water on construction paper is that you can see it for about a minute and then it dries clear so I could see if the body would look good.

Once painted and dried I placed it in a matching frame with the same color mat. Needless to say tears were shed and it was a wonderful birthday present.

I hope you all enjoy!

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