Tasty Truffles

I haven’t made these in a long time but decided the other day to try my recipe again. I plan on making these with peanut butter chips for J’s Christening this weekend.

First start out with your ingredients: The ones that you definitely need are highlighted

    • 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons heavy cream
    • 8 ounces semisweet chocolate, finely chopped
    • A long Pyrex dish
    • glass bowl for chocolate chips

The following ingredients are optional but you will need to use at least one…I will explain

  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • Five strips 1-inch-wide orange peel, pith removed
  • 1/4 cup confectioners’ sugar
  • 1/4 cup sifted cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped coconut

You are going to be using the heavy cream and the chocolate to make your actual truffle. The orange and vanilla are to flavor the chocolate and the other ingredients are what you will cover your truffle in.

Now that you have what you need lets begin. I suggest wearing an apron when doing the last few steps as the cocoa powder and sugar can get a bit messy.

You are going to take your orange (if used) and peel off a few good strips of the rind being careful not to get the pith as this will make it taste too bitter. If you do get the pith you can carefully slide  your knife along your peel to remove.

Then take your heavy cream and drop in your orange and vanilla. Put it over medium-high heat until it all boils but be careful not to let it boil too much or the cream tastes funky (yup that is a term that I use in my kitchen)

Then set aside your cream for 15 minutes so all of the flavors meld. While you are waiting on that get out your dry ingredients. I stared out using a bowl but find it easier to use a flat surface like a plate (easy cleanup.) Don’t forget to sift your cocoa powder and confectioners sugar to get out those pesky lumps.

Once your 15 minutes is up bring your cream back to a slow boil and have your chocolate chips ready in a bowl. Strain your cream into the chocolate bowl to get rid of the orange peels and anything else you may have added

Then stir, stir, stir. Make sure to keep stirring until your chocolate gets a nice shiny look to it and all the cream is incorporated.

Then place your chocolate into your Pyrex. Make it as flat and even as you can as you will be taking strips of it later.

Place your chocolate into the fridge until completely cooled so about 30 minutes or so. You can check to make sure that its nice and firm before proceeding.
Take our your chocolate and your scoop (if you have one, I used a cookie scoop because it makes the perfect sized truffles)

You want to take a nice full strip of chocolate into your scoop. Now here is a part that is trial and error, a lot of people like to use water to get a nicely rounded ball BUT if you do that then your sugar and cocoa are going to look awful. I have found that as long as your wash and clean your hands every 3rd or 4th one that you can roll them just fine in the palm of your hands. Don’t use your fingertips as they will make the chocolate too warm.

Roll out all the chocolate first and place onto wax/parchment paper. It’s easier to roll all the chocolate first because you will get even more messy if you stop in between to cover the truffle.

Once all is rolled out you can either just go for it or separate them out into even piles so you have equal ones. I personally love the coconut so I am going to do more of those in the future. The cocoa ones are a hit or miss as some people don’t enjoy the taste or raw cocoa powder. Then go ahead and start rolling!

and these are some of the beauty’s that you end up with. I suggest putting them back in the fridge for a while so they get nice and cold again. They taste much better but, of course before doing this you will want to taste test one (or three!)

I hope you all enjoy and have fun experimenting with new toppings!!

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