Where does time go

Today is J’s 4 month birthday. I really cannot believe that 4 months has gone by already. I know people say that time flies once you have kids but this is crazy. L is getting so big and smarter everyday and now J is starting to giggle and he is growing by leaps and bounds. He is now wearing 9 month pj’s and is eating three meals a day as well as his bottles. J’s christening is on Saturday and I am really looking forward to it but, as usual I am nervous. Everytime we have a party I get nervous that people aren’t going to show up but, I suppose that just means we will have leftovers to eat for a few days. I’m sure it will all work out as it usually does. The only thing that I regret not having the time to do was to get his name embroidered on the gown. Yes people he is wearing a gown, it was mine from when I was baptized and my granny made it. My name is on it and L’s was put on it when she wore it. I am still going to get his name done but it will have to be after.

Gatto is J’s godfather and Lara is J’s godmother. I couldn’t have picked better people. I really do feel that this is an honor and I did think about who could teach the kids how to be upstanding individuals which is why Chris and Dayna are L’s godparents.

Mr. A has been getting all the painting and house things done so that it will be ready for Saturday and it JUST hit me that the house has to be spotless! OMG I am totally freaking out now….crap. If you saw my house you would realize why. The entire dining room is covered with things that have been moved around because of the construction and I need to find it all a home. ***Covers her eyes in shame*** I have too much stuff.

Okay I REALLY need to get to bed because apparently I have a lot of cleaning to do before work tomorrow. Thank goodness I am off on Friday. AHHH

Anyone want to help me clean on Friday… Nikki? Christine??? LOL

Just a few quick pics of what the kitchen and living room are starting to look like… forgive me I didn’t edit the pics in any way I’m too tired.




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