Vanilla Extract

My friend Nikki and I finally got around to making Vanilla Extract yesterday. She found the bottles online and the beans at a REALLY cheap price. We had 201 vanilla beans and only used 60 of them. (I can’t wait to find recipes to use the remaining up). The process is very simple, we cut two beans and then cut them down the middle, dropped them in the bottle and filled it up with vodka. We used cheap vodka because all the alcohol will dissipate. They will have to sit for 6 months before they will taste the best.

Nikki and I plan on taking pictures every week to show you how the color changes.

**** UPDATE****
Check out Nikki’spage to get an update on the Vanilla Extract (and a great recipe for Vegan chocolate or Vanilla cake)

Week 4 update on Vanilla! It really smells like extract now and you can just faintly detect the vodka. I can’t wait to use it


5 responses to “Vanilla Extract

  1. I never knew you could use vodka to make vanilla extract. A great gift idea, those bottles at the end look lovely! Thanks for joining #pinaddicts again x x

    • that is why alcoholics drink vanilla extract if they run out of vodka LMAO I swear I’m not an alchy just a weird fact I know πŸ˜‰
      We are going to try bourbon next yummy!

  2. Vodka???!! In Vanilla??! i want i want!! LOVE the labels, love the whole dang thing. Thanks for linking up sweets xx

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