ahhhh the life of a kid

For those of you who don’t know I live in upstate NY. I love it here, I am surrounded by trees and lakes and quiet streets and then you drive 10 minutes and you have everything you could want. Its the perfect balance.

The weather here the last few days has been odd. It can’t decide if it wants to be hot or cold so its just in between and rainy. My life changed drastically two years ago, feel free to ask if you are curious, and ever since I feel things a bit differently. I appreciate life a lot more. I try to focus on only the positive things throughout the day BUT I also feel like I have seasonal depression. I didn’t ever feel it really until a few years ago and it’s most likely a coincidence but it was all around the same time. I find it very hard to get motivated on days like today when the sun isn’t shining. My house is pretty clean but being a mom of two there is always something to clean.

Here is my conversation

Tracy you need to get up and do something

first I should eat and just watch one show

Now I need to take my pain killer and give it time to kick in

Okay you have watched one show and started another you need to get up.

So what did I do… I got up and went into my daughter’s room and put on her barbie movie that she wanted and we danced. We danced to the what felt like forever three minute intro and laughed and giggled and snorted and just had a great time. I now feel rejuvenated and actually feel like doing something. So my recommendation to anyone is to get up and dance.

Ellen {Degenerous}, my favorite person of all time, tells me to dance every day but I rarely do it. Ellen you were right!

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