Mama there is a little boy playing in J’s room!

Okay I believe in spirits and mediums (I am addicted to the show Long Island Medium) but it’s still a little freaky that my oldest “sees” people.

Since she was really tiny there was a “scary man” that would wake her up in the middle of the night and scare her. I would have to go in and get her back to sleep until one night I told her to ask him to stop being scary. Every since he has been the “brown man” (I am sorry if anyone takes offense to that but she is only 2.5) The odd thing is there was an African American family that lived here prior and the father was very old and I believe has since passed. They didn’t have the best experience in this neighborhood and were eventually driven out of it because of their color. Mr. A’s parents then moved in. So this “brown man” has been around since L was hmmm maybe a year. Ever since she could talk really.
To make matter stranger her monitor did, and still does, make strange noises but there is nothing going on in her room or any of the other rooms.

I got used to him being around but lately there has been a little girl that plays with L and this morning a little boy that was in my son’s room. I said L are you just pretending and she said “no mama see they are right there!”

I admit…I’m a bit freaked out!

Does anyone else have an experiences like this??



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    • I have only known recently when we had that conversation. I am fascinated by it and wish I had the gift. Well I’m guessing I wouldn’t want it all the time.

      • mmmm… not really. Yes, it is a gift, but also sometimes a curse. Plus, along with the sometimes unsettling or downright frightening revenants you might encounter, frequently you find yourself constantly second-guessing and wondering “Am I just a nut job?” . For the record, I generally hear rather than see – voices, conversations sometimes, the few visuals I have had – one extremely recently, have really worked my nerves.

      • Oh the recent one (if its the same one) was amazing but would have scared me to death. “They” tend to pick people that will serve as a positive vessel so that’s why they picked you :). Just be sure to let me know if my name comes up. XO

  1. A dear friend asked me to cover one of her R.E. listings while she was on vacation. Though I’d been to the house in years past, I was never there alone. It had a reputation for being haunted by an old man who had indeed died there of a wasting disease way back at the beginning of the 20th Century. It was said he was still pretty angry and that his negativity infused parts of the house, and indeed I always felt a certain malevolence coming from the upper floors when I had been there. Well now I was there alone in this vast home, and I needed to familiarize myself with the entire place. Bear in mind that I had been alone many a time in houses that were older, houses creepier in appearance, houses reputed to be haunted and houses in which I personally had experienced paranormal activity. I’d even been caught at an Open House during a snow storm causing me to be there for several additional hours, while I listened to the footsteps, rocking chair and sighing of someone I could not see in the rooms above me, which had been empty for years. So I’m no scarediecat. In a corridor of the second floor I felt almost physically ill as I had my hand on the doorknob of a bedrooom about to enter. One crack of the door let me know that this was the bedroom of the old man, and he did not want me to enter… and frankly, I was happy to leave him to himself. As I closed the door and turned back to the hallway, I was no longer alone. Between me and the only stairs to the lower floors and doors to the outside stood not the old man, but a little girl with very dark skin in a pink cotton shift-dress with white dots on it, holding a ragdoll in one hand. Her gaunt emaciated arms and legs were topped by a face dominated by big dark eyes… black, to be exact, and I never want to see eyes like that again.

    I did what any sensible man about to cross the half-century mark would do… I freaked out.

    I turned to look down the corridor the other way, hoping there was a servants staircase or something I had missed, and when I turned… she was RIGHT NEXT TO ME LESS THAN A FOOT AWAY STARING UP AT ME WITH THOSE BLANK BLACK EYES… she was now on my other side!!

    I took off like someone half my age and I think I touched maybe three of the stairs on my way down them – I pelted through the music room and the east parlor and the formal dining room into the kitchen and out the only unbarred door.

    I ran. Me. A grown man and professional realtor. In 12 years in the industry I had never ever done such a thing. And standing outside in the late afternoon twilight of midwinter, I knew I simply HAD to go back in… because I was responsible, and the lights must go off and the doors must be locked.

    Quite possibly, one of the hardest things I ever have done. I admit I left the corridor light on in the upper floor of the east wing, as I was not going up to that hallway alone again. I quickly turned off all the lights on the ground floor, the kitchen last and locked the door behind me. I thought that would be the end of it… I was wrong.

    I had a loaner car that day, my own car being in for repairs… so I was in an unfamiliar SUV from Enterprise. I got in the SUV, took a few deep breaths and headed down the drive to the main road and back to Nyack. Turning onto to Route 9W I looked in the rearview mirror to discover I had a passenger… seated in the back seat was the little girl in the pink dress and her ragdoll.

    Looking back at ME.

    Frankly, I’m amazed I didn’t have a coronary. Really, I kept telling myself, you’ve encountered the uncanny before. You’ve heard voices and names and facts from people whom you knew were no longer living. Why is this any different? Well, that was the rational side of my brain trying to make this make sense and be not frightening. It didn’t work very well.

    Even the guy at Enterprise looked at me really funny when I arrived… he actually said “you look like you’ve seen a ghost” and when I gasped at that comment, he said “Holy S**T !! You HAVE seen a ghost!” and told me to look in the mirror in their restroom. He was right, my hair was all lifted up, my eyes were like saucers and I was – almost – as pale as death. He wanted me to tell him all about it (figures, I’d have the one rent-a-car guy into the supernatural) and I gave him a quick lowdown, but just wanted to get home. He kept glancing in the backseat as he drove me to my car, but she was not there. I drove home as fast as I could and was in bed all the next day with a severe chill.

    Funny thing is I am certain she did not mean to scare me. She seemed to want to keep me from going into the room where the mean old guy died. However, her methods were startling to say the least. The most recent owner of that house, recently deceased herself, had spent most of the last decade of her life in Africa – she started a charity to help African children with AIDS to live longer or at least die more comfortably. It is the theory of a medium friend from Nyack that this child had attached herself to the house owner when she (the little girl) died and did not know she was dead. Back in the USA, when the home owner died, the little girl’s spirit was left in a foreign place with only the remnants of a mean old man for company. The medium felt I was the first soul since the charity owner died who the little girl felt rememinded her of her protector who came into the house. So she latched onto me to try to escape her circumstances.

    I wonder about the person who next rented that SUV…?

  2. Hi Tracy – I was sitting at my computer one day about 7 years ago and I felt someone come in to the room so I turned around and my Mom was walking out of the door. I called to her and said “Mom, did you need something?” and got no reply. I immediately got up thinking she didn’t hear me because my Mom was alot older than I but when I walked out the door, there was no one there. I ran downstairs to my mom’s apartment and she was on the couch watching TV. She couldn’t walk really well because she had cancer at the time. I asked her if she was just upstairs and needed something and she told me she hadn’t left her living room at all recently. That freaked me out because this person I thought was my Mom looked EXACTLY like her from the back, that was all I saw but she had the same hair, and clothing my mom would wear..Odd..So I asked the lady that lives next door (She used to own my house before the couple we purchased it from) and she said that she has seen this “lady”….I also asked the neighbor across the street and she swears she has seen her too…The weird thing about this spirit was that it looked so real, like I could touch her..Not transparent like you would normally think….Since then, I never saw her again. My husband has never seen it….

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