Nursemaid’s Elbow…ouchie

Last night Mr. A and I were playing with L in her room. It was finally time to go to bed and I asked her to lay on the floor so I could change her diaper. (I have a bad back and can’t pick her as often as I would like.) I was holding her hand as she climbed into bed and I asked her to get down. She fell backwards and I held onto her. That was immediately followed by screaming. She calmed down very quickly (she never cries when she gets hurt) but was holding onto her wrist. When we asked her to move her fingers she could but wouldn’t let go of her wrist or lift her arm. She then said that she wanted to go to the doctor. I proceeded to sit in the bathroom for 10 minutes and sob because I hurt her and I felt awful. As I was sitting in the bathroom she said to Mr. A “Daddy, mommy didn’t mean to hurt me, she didn’t do it on purpose.” I cried for another few minutes composed myself and headed back into her room. She asked me to pick her up and hug her. I picked her up and squeezed her as tight as I could and then got her ready for the ER.

Getting her into her car seat wasn’t fun. The poor little thing didn’t want to let go of her hand but we got her in and started our 40 minute journey to the ER.
We got to the ER at 9:45. There was no-one at the desk so I signed in like the paper asked. 20 minutes later I went up to the desk and asked if she was signed in… she wasn’t. I had to sign in yet again! Keep in mind that L was already tired before we left so she is now exhausted. On all of the information regarding this hospital kids are supposed to be seen within 30 minutes. So we wait… and wait… and wait. A juice box and a bar of chocolate later we are still waiting. It’s now 11:45…I decided to call another hospital 25 minutes away to see if they have a wait – They don’t. I head back up to the desk, I let them know that another hospital has no wait and asked if they think she would be seen within 25 minutes, they look at each other, then the computer, ask her name again and tell me no. I let them know that kids are supposed to be seen in a particular amount of time… again they look at each other and say umm no that’s false advertising. I take a deep breath say thank you and walk away.
We pick her up, say goodbye to the few people that are still waiting that were next to us (there are about 20 in the waiting room) and get her and her sore little arm back in the car. I turn on Tarzan for her to watch, give her a lollipop and tuck her in with a blanket.

We arrive at St. Anthony’s at 12:20, walk into smiling faces, tell them whats wrong and are immediately put into a room. Two minutes later a nurse walks in and takes all our information and tells L that she is very pretty and she is being brave. L has been amazing the whole time and gives her a smile. She then says that she doesn’t want to see the doctor anymore because her arm is fine but still won’t lift it so clearly it’s not.
In walks the doctor (very young and handsome I might add) he smiles at L and tells her that her shoes are the color of chocolate. L tells him she ate all of her chocolate and has no more :). He tells us that she has whats called “Nursemaids Elbow” and there are two options. He can either take an x-ray to make sure that her elbow isn’t broken or he can just pop it into place. Most of the time with kids this young the head of the bone/elbow pops out a little bit and needs to be popped back into place. He said there will be tears but it is better to get it over with. We opted for option 2 as we don’t want any more exposure to radiation than is truly necessary. He sat down and talked to her for a little bit and then said he would come back in to do it quick. He came back, she sat on daddy’s lap and had a deer in headlights look in her eyes. I came up behind her and my heart was breaking because I knew it was going to hurt. The doctor asked to see her arm and immediately put it back into place. She cried for about a minute and was completely fine. She is such an amazing little girl.
While all this was going on a nurse came in to let us know that Mr. A had left his cell phone at the other hospital! It had fallen off his belt and it was on the chair. Mr. A called the person back and it turned out it was the people sitting next to us. Mr. A left after L’s arm was set to go get his phone as we had to wait for a few minutes to make sure she used the arm again.  They told us it could be up to 24 hours before she used it, as soon as he left the room she scratched her back with her left (bad) arm.
I put Care Bears on my phone with Netflix and we watched it until daddy got back. I got her into bed at 2am last night and she was a happy girl again.

All in all it was a long night. I don’t understand why kids aren’t made a priority in ER’s especially when it’s clearly past their bed time. Thank you to all the staff at St. Anthony’s you put a scared little girl at ease and made mom and dad feel much better.

I would insert a picture here BUT she wouldn’t let me take one 🙂

Oh and a big welcome to all my new followers. I hope you find all this rambling interesting. If you are up to it join in my June Craft Challenge! I will be hosting one every month.

6 responses to “Nursemaid’s Elbow…ouchie

  1. So glad she is feeling better! I have had to do that trip, scariest thing in the world driving your baby to the ER and trying to be calm. Hugs to you and Ms. L!

  2. poor babyyyy, I remember that…my dad pulled my shoulder out and the doctor had to push it back in…scary, but she’s so good and I love that she was able to use it just a few minutes after…what a champ!!

  3. Your Granda dislocated your mums shoulder around Lanas age by simply swinging her back and forward holding her arms above her head …just one of those things …you didn’t set out to hurt the poor (bravest)wee mite …hope the neurophen kicks in !!! ❤

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