Painted Chalkboard

I found a new product that I am in love with…Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint! I swear whatever that woman touches turns to gold. I love chalkboard in the kitchen, I have one stuck on my cabinet door but every time I use it the cabinet door shakes. I decided to paint a square on my wall.

This is the paint I used:

First I started off by taping out the area

I then painted it with a foam brush and let it dry for an hour

I then applied three more coats and again waited an hour in between to let it dry

I peeled the tape off carefully (I recommend using the green tape…its the best out there) and voila I had a chalkboard

After its complete you need to rub chalk all over the paint. It helps the chalk adhere better. I did this a few times cleaning it with an eraser in between. Now its all set to use!

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I did. I have at least three more projects that I can’t wait to use my paint for!


Stay tuned!


4 responses to “Painted Chalkboard

  1. Take an old coffee table and do the top with it for a child’s room. Look for one with doors to hide toys and then you can store items on top when not using…there is a black and other colors available at Lowes and Home Depot also…check it out online first…

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