My Birthday…

So yes today, the 25th, is my 32nd birthday. I honestly don’t know where the time went. I remember being little and wondering what I would look like when I got older, changing my “career a 100 times, and knowing that I wanted to be a mommy. Well here I am… my career is being a full time mom and I love it. Things are good, I am very blessed to be where I am and have the life I have. Sure things could be different… there are a few major things that I would change but life isn’t about looking back, its about looking forward and making the most of each day.

So here I sit at 1am writing a blog post about how old I am… wow didn’t see that one coming. I am hoping that tonight I will get sleep (last night I got a whopping 35 minutes and no it’s not the baby I just can’t sleep). I have a few things planned for this weekend that hopefully pan out but all in all it should be good.

Thank you to all my followers who seem to enjoy my ranting. For those who haven’t officially followed feel free too! You will get a joyous email every time I decide to write about something and I know you don’t want to miss out!

So there you have it…

I’m 32

I have a great husband

Two amazing children

Two precious dogs that are like my kids

A great support system with friends and family

and many happy years to go.


Just to prove how cute I was as a child here is a picture of me with my Godfather/Uncle/Angel Uncle Mickey. He is passed almost a year and I miss him desperately but I know he is looking out for all of us up there. Xo

Uncle Mickey <3

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