Ireland Scenery!

I have been trying to post this for two days now :). Since it was Memorial Day weekend we had plans everyday but I finally got it all done. These are mainly pictures  from my trip in 2009 when I was visiting my family and site seeing. I was 5 months pregnant with L so that will account for the “bump” :). I hope you enjoy!

My aunt has a house in Donegal, there is a beach right across the street that is completely full of shells. It’s one of my favorite places to go. The next two pictures are from the same town.

This is an abandoned boat at a beach in Donegal. It has been there for years, we always visit it when we go.

One of my favorite flowers Foxglove overlooking the ocean.

Even though I was born in Ireland I never visited Blarney Castle. I was finally able to go and it was absolutely beautiful. There are so many places to go that we spend the entire day there. This is one of the many castles that you will find throughout.

These are called the “Wishing Steps.”

It is said, to make a wish at the “Wishing Steps” one has to walk to the bottom, and return walking backwards with eyes closed, a wish would then be granted by the Fairy’s or Druid’s

This is the part of Blarney Castle that you are able to climb and kissThis is Mr. A kissing the stone 🙂

I, sadly, wasn’t able to climb the steps to kiss the stone as I was pregnant and the steps were very very tiny. So here I wait…

We also visited another castle closer to home. This is Tully Castle, it was also beautiful just not as big as Blarney.

My Aunt Francis , pictured here, took us to a place called Gortin Glens in Omagh. We bought a few sandwiches and a few drinks and had a picnic.

Myself and Mr. A after we finished our lunch

A view from the top of the mountain

and another…

We traveled a road that took us to a beautiful row of trees. I have close to 50 pictures of them but I didn’t want to bore you so here is one :

We then took a trip down south to the Ring of Kerry. Along the way I couldn’t help but take a ton of pictures. Here are some of my favorites

A little much no? 🙂

Sheep are “branded” with a color. It helps the farmers know who’s sheep belong to who

A typical town

One of the many churches we found along the way.

There was one lonely flower sitting by itself and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it.

On the way to the Ring of Kerry we searched for this “monument” forever. Turns out we kept passing it because it was nothing special. The view however was brilliant.

A beautiful little house overlooking the ocean

Part of the Ring of Kerry

Gorgeous isn’t it

Another place I want to visit as often as I can is the Cliffs of Moher. I had seen pictures but they don’t even do it justice. It’s magnificent

I can’t explain the feeling when you get to stand and just look out at this

One of the many sunsets on our way home. We would drive around all day to see as much as possible

These signs are in the south and are at the exit of every town. They mean safe home.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. I love Ireland (or as I call it home) and can’t wait to go back. If you want to join me just ask 😉

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