No new post….well I guess this is one isn’t it…?

So I have been editing my pictures for over an hour for a post I was going to do tonight but, I am exhausted. I didn’t get to completely finish what I wanted to show you and instead of doing it half-assed I will wait until tomorrow. I wanted to take a few minutes to welcome my new followers and let you know that I appreciate you following me and listening to what I have to say.

This blog has inspired me to be more creative and I love it. It has been a while since I have been excited to work on new projects.

This month I have a few exciting things happening…

This Friday I am teaming up with Theusualbliss for a food challenge. We are both going to pick something we have never cooked before and have been a little intimidated by. It will be an exciting post so stay tuned!!

Also I am hosting a Monthly Craft Challenge that will end the last week of June. If you would like to join in leave me a comment so I know who is participating. Whenever you finish the challenge just take the badge from my page and post it on yours.

Thanks again for being one of my faithful minions followers 😉

Tomorrow is craft day at Nikki’s so stay tuned for all the exciting things we worked on.

Have a great night,


And so you will have sweet dreams tonight here is a pic of me and my little monkey outside this afternoon. (Don’t mind my red hair it was dyed and its still on my scalp LOL)

2 responses to “No new post….well I guess this is one isn’t it…?

  1. Can’t wait to attempt something in the kitchen that’s intimidated me! Still brainstorming what to call it… Dualing Blogs? Wondertwin Recipe- ACTIVATE! I’m also excited that I have until Friday to find a yummy recipe!

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