I didn’t give you the “time of day” really????

I was having a great morning. L and J were in a good mood, me and L were playing and I then had to get ready for work. I drove to work with the window’s open and the radio on…still in a great mood. I walk into work… and it smacks me in the face. I was secret shopped last night and I did terrible.

For those of you that don’t know secret shopping basically means that someone gets paid to come into your store and make sure you know how to do your job. I LOVE working with people and the funniest part of this is, my post last night was completely about that! Here is a bit of a back story. I work in the frame shop…I help people pick out custom mats and frames and then I get to frame their work. I’m not going to go into detail but she basically said that I was disinterested and she doesn’t think people should shop in the store because I don’t know my job. I was on the verge of tears. I tried my best to not let it get to me but it did. I took deep offense. I remember the lady, I remember helping her and trying to get the cost down for her but she was difficult. I was most upset because I felt like I let my boss down and that isn’t a good feeling. I spoke with a few people and they do know that I am good at my job and I would never just push someone away so I felt better but damn! Rough day.

I did get a good opportunity offered to me today… it’s something that I can do on the side and it will both help someone very much and help me pay those darn bills that keep showing up every month 🙂

I’m home now, made my dinner and just got to eat it at 10:00. L is still WIDE awake in her room playing with her dolls (my god I can’t explain how much I am in love with this child!) and J is sleeping in his crib. Mr. A is about to get up to go to work and i’m watching an awful tattoo show on TV.

The house is a mess but I don’t care there is always tomorrow. I am going to relax watch a few shows and head to bed. Who am I kidding I will be up shortly cleaning the kitchen.

oh and funny story… my food challenge is tomorrow with my new friend Amber and I was making gnocchi…I ATE ALL THE POTATOES! Haha I forgot I was saving them so I am going to go back to my original and make Chicken Tikka. I will get spuds this weekends so I can make the gnocchi asap.

Thank you for listening to me rant. I try to not do heavy posts on my feelings and such but I was so bothered by today that I was hoping for a few helpful comments.


12 responses to “I didn’t give you the “time of day” really????

  1. I am sorry you had a rough one at work today! D.H. had one last week that said D didn’t greet her when we all know that when anyone walks up back there you all say Hi, can I help you. I sometimes wonder if the secret shoppers come in with hidden agendas (spouse or friend works at competitor store, that type thing). Glad you home and feeling better and I ❤ gnocci LOL Hope to see you soon!

    • Thank you for your always kind words. Are you working Saturday? I have to get my paycheck so maybe I will come visit when you are there. I agree I believe they already have an agenda… when she walked up she was already angry Grrrr. I just affects people with kind hearts harder than it should.

  2. They are cruel…I have been secret shopped several times and it was funny cause I was an intern and had to write a paper twice when I was and actually wrote on how I handled the difficult customer in the paper…little did the secret shopper know that a copy of my paper went to Corporate…they saw both sides of the shopping episode…those two people are no longer secret shoppers…I had to go to Corporate to explain my paper, however it was well worth it… 🙂 There is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… tonight yours was in your daughter’s bedroom

    • You are completely right. While I do love my job I love my little perfect family much much more. My babies bring a smile to my face everyday and there is nothing more precious than that.
      Good for you for helping those secret shoppers see that wasn’t their calling haha. 🙂 I wrote notes on the paper and it will be past along to corporate. It won’t change the score but it will get my side out there.
      Love your comments… thanks again!

  3. Um, ya, funny story- Our food challenge is today and I’m making a swordfish dish- and it’s still in the freezer! FAIL! Why don’t we take the pressure off, and just say that sometime this weekend, we’ll tackle our challenging recipe? That way my fish can thaw and you can get more taters! Ha!
    Hope you’re feeling better. Try to remember that maybe that person was having a bad day and trust yourself. 😉

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