Working 9-5 (okay not really)

I work at Michaels (the craft store for those of you who aren’t familiar). I generally love it but, I must say on the days that I have to work I don’t want to leave the kiddos. I like that I can get out and interact with adults and I love that I have made some really good friends there. That is actually where I met Nikki or as you know her diaryofamadcrafter. I worked all day today after getting the kids up, changed, fed, changed again and again. I showered with L in the bathroom and J screaming in his crib, I got dressed in J’s room as I wanted him to see me and not cry and I did my makeup while feeding him and holding his bottle with my chin. Is it wrong that I wish I could shower for 20 minutes and just let the hot water roll off my back…no I don’t think so but, when I look at my quick 3 minute showers and what it means I smile. I love being a mom, I love seeing all the new things that L learns everyday and I am excited to see J start to roll over and realize he has a voice of his own. It’s a great life and me going to work two or three days a week makes me a better mom. I get a break, I miss my babies and I can’t wait to hug and kiss them when I get home. I get to talk to good friends and help people by sharing creative ideas.

So yes, even though I don’t feel like going to work, when I get there it helps me appreciate everything I have.

2 responses to “Working 9-5 (okay not really)

  1. I think it’s important to do things for yourself as well (even if it’s work), so that you appreciate the time with your little ones when you return.
    PS Michael’s has the best affordable framing! Love it! And now I see where you get that scrapaholic fix!

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