Matchbook Needle Holder

All of you that know me (or follow my blog) know that Monday’s are craft day at my best friend Nikki’s house. I am constantly packing up my bags and heading to her house and now that I am starting to sew I needed to carry some needles.

I found this on Pinterest and knew it was perfect!
It is a little homemade matchbook to carry your needles without getting an owie.

First you start out by using a good heavy piece of cardstock, as you need it to hold up to folding and the felt you will be using.

You want to first cut the paper 2″ wide

Then 5 1/2 ” long

turn your paper over and make your first fold 3/4 of an inch up. You want to use something that will help you make a nice fold

Once you fold your paper use your tool to smooth out your edge

Next fold your top piece so that it tucks just under the bottom of your book and smooth the top edge.

Cut a piece of felt felt 2 1/2″ x 2″ and staple it into your matchbook.

Add your needles inside

and embellish the front. I personally don’t like seeing the staple.

I play Mah Jongg on Tuesday nights so I made these for all the ladies.
They are all avid sewers so they loved them

*** June is half way through and the June Challenge is in full swing! This month’s challenge is DIY Coasters. Like/comment on my page to join or like my facebook page!***

14 responses to “Matchbook Needle Holder

  1. Love it, such a good idea… we do craft nights too and that is such a clever solution! Thank you so much linking up with the Pinaddicts! xx

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