Pretty in Pink – Tie Dye

My little girl is growing up…. it’s a good think yes, but sad at the same time.
I’m sure all you parents out there understand. Even the parents of pups or kitty’s. I was driving home from work yesterday thinking about how much I love my family and it hit me! My Dukie (dog) is almost 6! 6! I couldn’t believe it. Someone needs to hurry up and find a way to increase dogs lives by 15-20 years.

Okay enough rambling, onto my post. So yes, L is getting bigger and is starting to outgrow some of the things in her room. I don’t know if I’m just overly excited to redecorate or if she wants me too but I’m doing it. ๐Ÿ™‚

She has cute little ladybug curtains that I bought when she was still in my belly and I saw fabric at Michael’s that I knew would be perfect for an upgrade.

I started out with two rolls of fabric which in total is 2 yards

I pinned three of the four edges. Take note of the placement of the pins, if you pin this way it is easier to pull them out while sewing. Thanks Nikki for the tip โค

For the last edge you want to leave room for the curtain rod so fold your edge and pin a few inches down (depending on the size of your rod… HAHAHAHA)

Then it’s onto the sewing machine. Start out on your first edge – do a few stitches straight and then reverse a few so that it holds all stitches in place.

Keep your pin cushion handy so you can remove your pins and put them away safely

Then let your foot fly! Once you get to the curtain rod edge make sure to stop where your pin is placed. Notice in the picture above the amount of fabric behind the presser foot (or the pretty silver thingy holding the thread ;).) That is all the space I have for the rod.

Once I finished the first curtain it was onto pinning and finishing the second one, but I had a cute little man in my way. After I let him take a power nap I got back to sewing, but lets take a minute to admire the cuteness!

This picture looked so cool I had to put it in here

The family came after the curtains were done and L was so excited that she immediately started playing with them

Excuse the face she has a mouthful of juice!

I still have to find the perfect valance but here are the curtains in all their glory

L is very excited because her room is now pink all the time. When the light hits the curtains her room turns pink!

The best part…they were the perfect length! I really should have ironed them but I DO NOT IRON!

I can’t wait to finish the valance but I have to find the perfect fabric.

*** June is half way through and the June Challenge is in full swing! This monthโ€™s challenge is DIY Coasters. Like/comment on my page to join or like my facebook page!***

7 responses to “Pretty in Pink – Tie Dye

  1. What beautiful curtains, I’m sure she will love them for a long time…especially since they are pink lol ๐Ÿ™‚

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