Easy Strawberry Watermelon Lime chiller

I have had this recipe in my mind for quite a while. I came home last night to a freshly cut watermelon and I knew it was the perfect time! It was over 100 degrees in NY yesterday and this would be the perfect drink to cool you off.

I started out with a bowl of ice, two cups watermelon, two limes, few scoops of vanilla ice cream, four strawberries and a touch of lemon juice.

I whipped them all up in my blender (making sure to squeeze all the lime juice into the blender and adding a little zest for good measure.)

How much easier can you get! Now I apologize for my pictures, they are a little dull. I tend to get time to do things between 11pm-2am so the lighting isn’t great. I will make this again tomorrow and take a good picture of the finished product 🙂

I hope you enjoy!


Remember that it is coming to the end of June and the DIY coaster challenge is still in full swing! Please join up by placing the badge onto your post or just linking it back to me. We already have a few bloggers that have taken part. If this starts to take off then I will add prizes into the mix!






2 responses to “Easy Strawberry Watermelon Lime chiller

  1. Yum! That looks good, I think I might make one of those for myself tomorrow. Also, I find I my best luck blogging after the kids go to bed…it’s twelve thirty in the morning here right now lol. It’s get up before the kids or do stuff after their in bed and since I’m not a morning person it’s any easy decision.

    • haha yes I agree. I always think… okay i’m going to get up before them tomorrow, then tomorrow comes and I don’t. Let me know how you like it :). I like mine more tart so you may want to cut down on the lime juice a bit.

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