Papa’s are special…

Father’s day was a week ago and I love the present that I made for my FIL. I also made one for my dad but I switched it up a bit. (I will explain later.)

Freezer paper stencil’s are my new favorite thing. I have been trying to figure out new and exciting ways to use them. I saw this on Pinterest and new it would be perfect for father’s day, but my FIL needs new t-shirts so I turned it into that instead.

First I started out by tracing my letters on the laptop. I use picmonkey for my fonts. Just make a white background so it’s easier to see the letters. I used three different font’s for this project because there were a lot of words. It tends to break it up a bit more.

This is what it looks like with all the letters traced. You then want to take your exacto knife and cut everything out. Don’t forget to keep the insides of the O’s, E’s, D’s. etc.
If you are wondering about how long it took…this took close to 4 hours!

Once all your pieces are cut out you want to iron it onto your t-shirt

Then carefully iron in your little pieces (I apologize for the blurry picture)

Then paint your stencil using 2 parts paint to 1 part fabric medium

You don’t have to wait until it is completely dry, but wait a good 10 minutes or so.
Then pull off your stencil. If you are going to use it again be very careful as the paint will make it a little hard to peel around the letters.
After 4 hours of cutting this one ripped in the center when I was pulling it off. I wasn’t very happy.

And here you have the finished product. I love it and Papa has already worn it twice 🙂

I changed the shirt up a bit for my dad. In my family my dad is called “Granda” to my kids so all I had to do was trace the word Granda and replace the Papa.

9 responses to “Papa’s are special…

  1. I love coming up with creative gifts for my family too. One year I created a family tree for my dad. I did all the research until I could go back several generations then I drew a really cool tree, filled in the names in the appropriate spots with my sisters and I (and my kids) as the roots. Then I used watercolor to fill in the backround so that it matched with the theme of their livingroom. The whole thing took weeks, but it’s an amazing piece of art. Your idea with the T-shirts is great, I would’ve never thought of that. I wish my dad would wear things like that….he’s a solids kind of guy lol.

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  4. oh wow, it looks amazing, and I LOVE that saying!!!! wow, you had to have some patience to do this – I’m sure your Dad just loved it. Thanks for entering our challenge! xx

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