June Challenge DIY Coasters…so far

Here are the entries so far for the June Challenge DIY Coasters.

C’mon guys…I know I have a lot more readers than this. You have a week or so to join up. Just think of a new way to make a coaster, take some pics and link it back to me 🙂

The first entry is from my friend Bec @ cloudsofcolour. She did a magnificent job on them!

The second entry is from a new blogging friend Beyond it’s purpose Both ladies have done a great job stepping up to the challenge. I will be updating the pics of my coasters tomorrow.

I am hoping to get a few more entries before the end of June. It’s nice to see ideas from other bloggers so get your glue guns out and mod podge ready!


13 responses to “June Challenge DIY Coasters…so far

  1. They are beautiful. Have you ever done stepping stones? For Christmas we made cement stepping stones with different pieces of stained glass embedded in them along with the kid’s handprint, name and the date. We made one with each kid for each set of grandparents to put in their gardens.

      • From what I can tell, you are pretty crafty. I’ve never used the kits at Michael’s. We bought a concret mix at home depot, different colored stained glass squares and a couple plastic square stepping stone molds at Michael’s. I used a big nail to do the writing. After it set over night I used the wood end of a watercolor brush to clean up the edges around the stained glass that I pressed into the cement, vacumed the crumbs and then used outdoor garden paint to color in the handprint and writing. I also recomment cleaning up the stained glass with windex when you are done. I hope I didn’t babble too much. I really loved that project.

      • That’s sounds like a really fun project. The kids have a okay area out the bak and that would be cute to do to put out there. Thanks for the idea! You should join up with my monthly craft challenge. You sound pretty crafty yourself!

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