My Coasters – June Challenge!

You have all heard me say that this month’s challenge are DIY Coasters, here are my coasters :

I decided to use the bottom dish for planters as my actual coaster. They are meant to soak up water and have a nice lip so the condensation from the drinks will not flow off the sides.

My supplies were,  4 planter bottoms, mod podge and a brush, paint and my plastic scrapbook page

I painted my coasters : 2 turquoise and 2 lilac. They did take a few coats in order to get the color desired

Once dry I needed to cut my scrapbook paper for the center. I used the top of a glass I had to cut a circle with an exacto knife. I then put a generous layer of mod podge onto the paper

I placed the plastic piece into the center of my coaster

Once it dries it will be completely clear and since it is plastic there is no need to coat the top with mod podge

I love them and actually am going to do them again with pictures of the kids in them for presents.

**You still have a few days to join the challenge! I will let you all know next week what the challenge will be for July!

**Check out the other entries so far here

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21 responses to “My Coasters – June Challenge!

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  2. I LOVE the pattern you chose to go with and cool idea using planter bottoms! Can someone PALEEEASE tell me what mod podge is? All you USA folk use it and this poor little kiwi chick has no idea what it is? haha 😛

  3. I would never have thought to use planter dishes for coasters but what a great result. I’m sure grandparents would love ones with pictures of the children on them. Well done crafty Mum!

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