5 responses to “81/365 garden

  1. Are the different titles inwhich you have different posts considered different categories or seperate blogs. I just started a new blog just for my writing as I attempted to get published, but I can’t figure out how to make it where you can see it from my main blog. Do you have any idea how to do it?

    • Yes they are different categories. My husband actually figured out how to do it as wordpress was telling me I had to pay for it! I will make sure I have all the details and will email you the instructions tomorrow 😀

      • What are you looking to do? You can make another blog with wordpress for free (you get two) or you can just create the different headers at the top like mine and link whatever you want under it. (Does that make sense.)

      • I’m not sure how it all works. I don’t see it on my primary blog (the one I’ve been doing) but I can access from my dashboard from a menu on the page. I just clicked on the link from my dashboard that said “add another blog” I chose the name and the free layout and there I was. Did that help?

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