Word on the street is….

that I have no idea what to talk about 🙂

I constantly think that I should be writing more on here instead of just posting pics and such. I sit down and then realize that what I have to say isn’t all that interesting. I mean what do you want to read or hear my rant about?!
I have about 10 things that I want to do that have been on my Pinterest list for a while now. Here is my issue. During the day I have the kids, I don’t really like doing projects when they are around because L always wants to help. So I tend to do things with her instead. Then when L goes down for a nap, J is always awake. So scratch the day. Then comes nighttime. L and J go to bed and my in-laws downstairs do and then I’m afraid of making too much noise and waking anyone up! It’s a catch 22.
Mr. A has just recently changed jobs so he no longer works at night which is great (other than the snoring I have to get used to again.) So I am going to do some crafts when he is home in the evenings.

Today I started out with an idea for a new sewing project….details and pics to come.
I am super excited about it because I think its pretty original. I sat down to the sewing machine that my aunt so nicely let me borrow to start. Within a second I run out of thread. I start threading the top and I think I got it… then I try to get the bottom threaded and it’s just not working. Three you tube videos later I gave up. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t get it. I figured I would just wait until my MIL got home and I could work on it after work tonight then, I realized that she is gone until Friday! So I am going to have to come home and figure it out. It will drive me crazy otherwise.

I have work today and i’m super excited to get another project started. I haven’t seen it anywhere on the internet so I think its actually an original idea. Well i’m sure it’s somewhere but I’m not going to search because so far I haven’t seen it anywhere. It is so rare to have an idea that pops into your head that you haven’t seen anywhere before so I have to get it done before anyone else does :).

Here is my challenge to you… if you have anything that you want me to talk about as a wife, mom, crafter…whatever let me know. I will be more than happy to talk about whatever is asked!

I also am going to be doing a makeup tutorial soon as I have gotten good feedback on it. I just need to find someone to take good pics for me.


Have a wonderful day and remember to find at least one positive in it. Life is always better that way!




17 responses to “Word on the street is….

  1. No need to put pressure on yourself, I love your posts, the pics make me smile and your writing is excellent. Looking forward to more posts 🙂

  2. My husband snores so loud that sometimes he wakes himself up. There he is reminding me that he’s sound asleep and I’m not. I know what you mean about trying to get stuff done. It’s impossible to do anything without one of the kids wanting to help…and not all the kids are capable of helping. Sometimes I’m amazed at the things I get done considering the chaos around my house at any given time.

      • Oh I wrote right back. Yup! I had no time yet but I opened it and read the first 20 sentences and was Geri g sucked in lol I had to stop bc the babies had to be fed! So far so good. Also…. I’m so sorry. Your Blog what’s going on? You Started a new one right? What’s the problem is it not showing up?

      • Yeah…I think. It’s called mywordspath. It is linked under my main one when comes to me making posts and viewing stats, but it’s not linked to the main blog for other people to see. It shows up, but as it’s own blog not connected to my main one. (I don’t know if that makes any sense) I only plan to post on it once or twice a week, but I wish there was a link between the two.

      • I’m pretty sure that its here… if you go to widgets from your dashboard you will see where it says footer on the right hand side. Drag over a text box there and you can write what you want and add a link to your other blog 🙂
        Do you get it?

      • My god i’m so far behind on your blog! I am reading from the 8th of July now… such a bad blogging friend :).
        BTW… I am so happy to have met you on here I look forward to all your little moments every day. (That is when I get a change to ready them which is MOST nights!)

      • I enjoy reading your blog and comments as well. It is really cool to have so much in common. If my baby sister heard me use the word cool she’d totally be making fun of me right now lol. Being a stay at home mom can be lonely even though I’m never alone…thank you for reading; I feel connected to the outside world for the first time in a long time.

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