Nothing but good things

Today was such a good day. I have been baking for as long as I can remember and have always dreamed of doing it for a living. I mean doing something you actually love for a living is a dream come true right. WELL…. today I believe that I got that dream job. One of my new friends has started a new Gluten Free bakery. I can’t believe how fast it has all taken off, within a month or two she already is growing big enough where she needs to hire someone. I met with her today and we talked for 3 hours. (I am hoping I didn’t talk her ear off but she is so easy to hang out with that I had a great day.) She is also a mom and, like me, she puts her son first. She wants to have a career where she can work along side him as much as possible. Something I find very commendable. I am now starting to work along side her and help with all the baking and selling at farmers markets, fairs etc…. You want to know the best part I can bring the kids when we bake! We will have someone there to watch the kids while we are making everything.  I can’t explain how happy I am. I am still going to stay at Michael’s and work a few days until this completely takes off so hopefully a wee bit of extra money until then.

I was worried that while we were there L was going to be all over the place but S’s niece was there for a bit to help with the kiddos and L took to her right away. Once she left, S’s son M got up and the two of them had such a good time playing. It was so cute to watch. L is like a little mommy and loves being around other kids.
When we got home she helped me get her lunch ready and I fed J a Gerber stage 2 meal, they are bigger, and then he drank a 6oz bottle immediately after. The kid is growing soooo fast. He is 2’6 already and is only 6 months old! L then wanted to lie down for a bit because she was tired so her and daddy lay in bed and watched Curious George. Daddy took a nap but L didn’t want to. She got up and realized quickly that papa was home…she asked to go downstairs of course. They then went outside and started puling weeds out of her little play area. J woke up so I went out to join them. The four of us hung outside for a bit until the bugs started to come out but, not before L saw her first lighting bug. I know they have been around before but I think tonight was the first time she actually noticed them. She kept running after it to say hi haha.

It’s now 12:19am and the kiddos and hubby are all in bed. I am wide awake as usual.  I leave for a bachelorette weekend in the Hamptons in 12 hours. This will be the first weekend away by myself since before L was born…so almost three years. I’m a little nervous because I know I will miss the kids but I’m really looking forward to fun with a bunch of girls. The house we rented is right on the beach and there is 11 of us going.
I also bought a bathing suit for the first time in 5+ years. I have had such a problem with my appearance but finally decided screw it… I don’t want to miss out anymore, so what if everyone else looks like they are a size 2. (okay i’m still having issues with that one 🙂 ) I must say I’m a bit proud of myself because it’s a big step for me.

I will have a nice post next week about my crazy weekend. Can’t wait to go!

Remember think positive = feel positive!

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