Crazy, busy, hectic…wonderful

Phew….this has been a crazy few days! I haven’t even had a chance to sit down and read my favorite blogs in almost a week! Okay, I did have time but I couldn’t keep my eyes open for long enough.

Friday I left for the Hamptons, pics and a post to follow ASAP, and came home Sunday afternoon. My hubby left Sunday morning to go to a friends house until Wed as he was redo-ing their bathroom (this is still a work in progress.)
Tuesday morning I got the kids all packed up and I headed off to the first day of my new job, my dream job. I am working with a new friend (who is the DIL of my FIL’s boss…yes take a minute to put that link together.) She has started an at home Gluten Free Bakery that is doing so well she needed to hire, well, ME!
We baked all day making treats that are so good your moth waters just looking at them and got some things packed up for our first farmer’s market on Wednesday.

Wednesday was a long day. I left my house with the kids at 8:30 and was home again around 8. The kids were great all day and we did really well at the Farmer’s Market. I will now be getting all my fruits,veggies and breads from there every week. I am so excited for this opportunity. I really do feel that this is a job that I will have for a long time and we will turn it into a mini empire. I think one of our plans is to get a food truck and drive around NYC selling the most delicious gluten free delights around. (Amber I know what your thinking, that’s a perfect reason to visit NY!)

Today my hubby worked all day but was home at 4. We had a bunch of errands to run when he got home and then we went out to dinner with my FIL,BIL and his girlfriend. The kids were good, the food was good and best of all the company was good. I am in bed at the minute trying to catch up on my blogs but I thought that I would take a minute instead to catch you all up on my week. My hubby is out in the living room watching a sad little 40′ TV.

I know what your thinking, didn’t you have a HUMUNGOUS TV? Why yes, yes we did. Sad story, it died. We had an awful storm a few days ago. It knocked out our cable,internet,tv and the house shook so hard that it knocked out a few lights in the kitchen. The lightening must have hit right outside the house because the transformer thingy for cable went. We kept power the whole time BUT anything that was attached to an HDMI cable in our section of the house was fried. That means no TV, no receiver, no cable box and no dvd player…ALL dead! We had men, young very shy men, come this morning to pick up the TV and get it fixed. SO in it’s place is a very small looking 40′ TV that is doing the trick but looks like the baby of our former beauty.
When they took the TV this morning L came into the living room looked at me and said “mama, daddy is going to be very disappointed when he sees there is no TV.” She cracks me up…I love that kid!

Okay so there ya have it my week. Tomorrow I am off to my Aunts….Saturday they are having a party so I will be back all day Saturday again and Sunday we go on a family vacation to Lake George. No worries though people I am bringing my laptop along so I can stay connected. I know, family vacation no electronics allowed but, I have two teeny kids that go to bed (or are supposed to go to bed) at a decent hour so we will be in the hotel room early. Therefore I will be checking in on all of you. 🙂

Thanks again for loving my blog and taking time to read it. Pass me along to all of your friends and tell them how funny,charming,witty and downright awesome I am. Okay, or just ask them nicely to give a cool chicky’s blog a try! I need more readers people!

Please also think about joining in my Monthly Craft Challenge – DIY Bleached pen T-shirts. I already have one participant and would love to start making this a regular bigger and better thang.

Hope all is well in your little families and keep a positive thought in your back pocket so you have it all day. Xx


15 responses to “Crazy, busy, hectic…wonderful

  1. That bleach pen challenge took him an entire day to get the letters just right lol…word of caution we used a big wad of news paper under neath to pad between and as you can see by eman shirt I moved mine out too soon…before it was completely dry. It had sat overnight who would have dreamed lol… He is still designing the back cause he knows he only has one shot at it to get it right. Have a great Vacation. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a crazy week. Your vacation will feel even more relaxing after enduring the hectic…or at least I hope it will. I forgot what a vacation feels like. I really should plan one sometime lol. I totally love the part with the “daddy will be disappointed there isn’t a TV” it sounds like something my kids would say. I laughed out loud!

    • Haha she is so damn funny. I want a reality show just so I can tape her all day! Yes it was a crazy week but it was great. Good things are happening 🙂
      It’s a vacation with my in laws so its not entirely a “just us” family vacation but I will take it.

      • I think the same thing about my kids. They are so funny. They do as say so many hilarious things every day. Sophie was full of that kind of stuff today.
        I’m happy good things are happening for you and hope they continue. I’m hoping to finish my edits this weekend so I can try to reach my dream of being published. The world is full of promise! btw I love your post and your comments. Thank you!

      • I swear I am going to get to your book…. i feel like an awful friend 😦 When I am on vaca I should have a chance to sit and read it 🙂

      • I hope I didn’t make you feel bad. I honestly wasn’t even thinking about you reading my book. While I can’t wait to get your opinion on it, I know how hectic/busy life is especially being a mom. I figure you’ll let me know when you get to it 🙂

      • No no you didn’t at all…. I felt bad all on my own lol. I keep saying my god this poor woman is waiting for my stupid opinion on one of the most important things in her life and I can’t find time. So I do apologize but I really want to give it the attention it deserves.

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