Life’s a beach

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending it in the Hamptons. It was a beautiful weekend to celebrate one of my best friend’s getting married.

We drank, we laughed and we had a wonderful view combined with the perfect sunset.
I took a lot of pics along the way and thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

These few pics are the first one’s I took. When you walked out from the living room this is what you saw!Then I walked back inside and realized just how much alcohol was bought

I hardly drink at all anymore so I knew I was going to have to pace myself. I did a good job of this all weekend and didn’t get too tipsy 🙂

We then took a quick trip down to the beach to see exactly what it looked like. There were a ton of rocks but a good amount of sand too. I captured my first steps on the beach

The first night all 11 of us grabbed a few drinks and spent some time down on the third deck that was right on the beach. We had great conversation and got to know each other a little better. Once we got a bit more comfortable the shots came out. This is the face that the bride to be made after she had a lovely full shot of pure vodka

The first night was pretty low key we didn’t go to bed too late because we all had planned to go to the beach the next morning.
I had the worst nights sleep but got up in a great mood ready to hit the beach. We had a quick breakfast and headed down for a relaxing day in front of the water

I was one of the last down and grabbed this shot of all the ladies getting comfy

here are a few other pics throughout the day



How cute is this dog!

Some great pics of us (and yes me in my bathing suit ahhhh!)

Once we were done at the beach we all got freshened up and had some dinner. I was super excited for the sunset because I knew I would get some awesome pics.
While we were waiting I took some pictures of the flowers that were growing around the house

We took a walk on the beach once the sun started setting and I couldn’t pass up taking pictures of the scenery that was around me

There was a giant log that was gorgeous and when I got a closer look it resembled a dinosaur to me

Here is a pic of me and the bride to be

and now my favorite part! The sunset…

and there you have it. It was a great weekend and I hope to go back sometime soon.



8 responses to “Life’s a beach

  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures. I can tell you like photography by the quality of the photos. They capture the mood and make me jealous. The last time I was on a beach was almost eight years ago…on my honeymoon.

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