Awards A plenty

I had the honor of being nominated for another award last week by my friend Tammye.

So I can now add the “One Lovely Blog Award” to my list of accomplishments.
I love writing a blog, I am honored to have a good group of followers and some people that I can now call my friends. I do however want more…I know it sounds selfish but I need to branch out and figure out a way to get more followers to my little piece of the internet world. My goal when I first started out was to show you how to cook, do crafts and take a pic a day. Some of that proved easier than others because of my busy life. I have two kiddo’s that I love with all my heart and I do tend to spend every waking minute with them. There are times when I wish I had time to just sit down and do the 41 projects that are in my head but, then I look at their faces and L thanks me for playing with her and it’s all good again.
I do get a picture up everyday and I love the 365 challenge that I am involved in. I also do a weekly challenge as part of WordPress that I find a lot of fun. I am going to try to do more though. I want to start attracting more people and touch on topics that no one else wants to talk about. If any of my followers have anything that they want me to discuss, make fun of or just touch upon let me know. Nothing is off limits… any questions you have just shout ’em out.

Thank you to all my readers and thank you to Tammye for thinking that my blog is worthy of such an award.

The rules state that I am supposed to answer 7 thing about me and nominate 4 blogs so here goes…

1.  I consider my dogs to be my kids

2.  I am slowly starting to realize that I have curves and should love them

3.  I have a small group of friends that I love with all my heart

4.  I love wearing makeup but I dont believe that anyone should have to leave the house with it on. (we are all beautiful the way we are)

5.  I think that we should find a positive in every day and hold onto it in moments that aren’t so nice

6.  I don’t enjoy going to the movies or concerts

7.  I long for more date nights with my husband

Now onto blogs… I have listed so many in the past that I am just going to link back to them….

Read about my pics here!

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