Cupcake Wars, I’m coming for you

I have been with my new job a few weeks now. I haven’t been working as much as I could because of our family vacation, which I will be blogging about soon, but I love it.

I have been calling a bunch of restaurants and smaller businesses to see if we can get an appointment for a tasting.  I really do feel like whoever tastes our cupcakes will love them.  I don’t know if I have been more excited working for someone before. My boss honestly loves my opinions and treats it more like a partnership than a boss/employee relationship. I feel like I matter and I love that.

I have two goals… get us on Cupcake Wars and get us on Ellen. I know they are HUGE goals but why not go big right?  We are also working on getting bigger kitchen space so we can start SHIPPING! I’m so very excited.

So anyone that has any questions please ask. The company is Stephanie’s Gluten Free Delights, find us on FB and like us PLEASE 🙂
Goodnight all



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