What people don’t tell you…#1

I’m starting something new. I am going to touch upon some of the things in life that people just don’t tell you until it happens to you. THEN everyone says “oh yea I knew that!”

The first one is babies sometimes stop breathing for no reason at all.

I have had this experience with both of my kids and the pediatrician says it happens much more often than you think.

Here is what I have done and it has worked for me, obviously if it doesn’t you call 911 and rush your ass to the ER.

L stopped breathing twice in one week when she was a few months old. The first time it happened I flipped her over put her head down slightly and smashed on her back with my hand. It shocked her so much that she took a deep breath. The same thing happened again and a few weeks ago with J.

It’s not something that anyone tells you until you have the awful experience yourself. I’m hoping that this will stick in your head if god forbid it happens to you.



6 responses to “What people don’t tell you…#1

  1. Reading your post, my heart froze in my chest. It is so true. Nobody tells you what to do or how scary it is when you have one of those moments where your whole world seems like it’s going to stop. On a side note, those are adorable photos. There is something about a baby in a crib that always results in super cute pictures.

    • It’s so scary isn’t it. I have decided that this might be a useful thing for anyone. Telling people what others don’t. I love them so much. He pulled the purple bear over and lay on it haha

  2. Well done on highlighting this to people – I can relate to this, my second born did it for the first time at 6 weeks old, and then 8 or 10 times a day most days for the next 4 years. My health visitor panicked the first time she saw her do it – fact lot of use she was!!
    It can be very embarrassing when you are out cos you pick up this (what appears to be anyway) quiet well behaved child out of their buggy and tip them upside down and pat them, then pat them harder…and harder….people really do look at you as you batter this child, make it cry (as they draw breath) give them a hug and shove them back in their buggy-how would it look to you?
    You do get use to it, it just means that at no time can your child be left unattended ( mind these day they have monitors), that nobody wants to risk looking after them and that you dont feel comfortable leaving them with other people anyway.
    I actually, as she got older and sometimes it took longer, was advised to keep my bath full of cold water to immerse her in if slapping did not work, the shock can be quite effective. If your doing this please make sure you have a hook or bolt on the top of the outside of the door so no other toddler can wander in and possibly climb in.
    My daughter also cried all night, and I mean all night every night, from 8pm to 6am until she was 3 years and 9 months old, and the only time she stopped crying was when she stopped breathing, so I would get up, pat her back or do what necessary to start her breathing again and put her back down as she cried her way through to the next morning. believe me the urge at times not to go start her crying again was quite strong.
    Turns out hers was linked to a form of epilepsy, but this was only discovered once she turned 7.

    • My lord. You are a saint. That is a lot to bare. I’m very glad things finally got sorted. Could have turned out much worse.

      This is one of the bigger issues that people don’t tell you. I am going to write about a few a week. Some funny some serious.

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