T-shirt to dress in under 5 minutes! A Tutorial

I was struck with an idea this morning while my daughter was putting on her shirt. She stuck both hands out of the neck hole and it hit me!!

Why not turn a t-shirt into a dress and use the arm holes as pockets

All you need to is take one of your boyfriend/husband’s larger shirts.
Sew along the end of the sleeves, making sure to keep the t-shirt right side out

Once you push them through the “dress” they will now look like this,Β  making a perfect pocket

To put on… Put your hands through the hole for the neck (You can stretch it out a bit if it’s too tight). Pull it down just above your boobs and push the pockets through.

It’s that simple. 5 minutes and SO many options! I have three more t-shirts set aside to make another few dresses… shhh don’t tell my husband πŸ˜‰

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