14 responses to “121/365 First trip to the bar

    • Haha thanks. I love the Mohawk. My hubby had one for a while and now that J’s hair is long enough he is thinking of doing it again πŸ™‚
      Teething is awful, I feel so horrible for him. He is a real good boy thought usually when he gets some medicine (on the odd occasion he needs it) he is better within 30 minutes.

  1. So where is the matching Jets outfit….my grand children have to be decked out in Buckaneers Clothing when they play lol….glad to hear you are feeling better now we know why little one was screaming…orajel is a magic thing to have in the house…

    • Yes the poor teeth 😦 It stinks!! He doesn’t like orajel at all but there is something that I get from Ireland that is like Tylenol that works wonders!
      He has the jets outfit but its too small haha… and its 12 months!

      • There is a new orajel out which as a bubble gum taste and smell…have to look for it and a mint one…fyi..I use it more for prep prior to after bite application and having to give hubby minor stitches or popping a boil on him lol… yes you use it when you get older too….even for denture pain that may be where I got the flavored lol…one on my desk is cherry

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