4 responses to “126/365 Does someone smell Jasmine….rice?

  1. Hi, hope all is going well. Could you answer a few questions so I can make sure to make you something that is special, just for you.
    1. Favorite color?
    2. Jewelry piece or something for your home?
    3. Stained glass or fused glass
    4. Tell me 5 things about yourself that you think would help me to know you better.
    5. Address please 🙂
    Thanks Julia

    • My favorite color is Turquoise
      I love jewelry but don’t get to wear it too often so probably something for my home
      Stained glass is gorgeous (but what is fused glass?)
      5 things:
      1. I love animals
      2. Im a home body
      3. I wear sweats almost every day LOL
      4. I love blue’s and purple’s
      5. My favorite flowers are orchid’s and calla lillies

      Can you send me your email address so I can give you my address 🙂 Don’t want people tracking me down because of how gosh darn awesome I am 😉
      At least not all at once.

      Oh my goodness I’m so excited! I will be posting it tonight!!

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