“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”

The above quote is so true. There are times that I am sitting in my recliner with L and J on my lap and I think that I should be up cleaning the house. Then I sit back give them both a kiss on the head and just enjoy the moment I am in because it’s fleeting.
We are a culture that likes to rush. We often don’t take the time to enjoy just the little things throughout the day. One of my favorite quotes is “excuse the mess the kids are making memories.” I may not have the cleanest house but guaranteed I have happy kids and I can say that every day we have made a memory.

I used to stay put at home because I was nervous going out with both kids but, then I realized that if I don’t get out then they don’t get to experience new things. I gave myself the challenge to take them out alone one day by going to my Aunt’s house. I knew that the biggest part of the day would be to get everything into the car by myself. I packed the bags the night before, had all bottles out and filled and had a bag of snacks ready to go. I also had the diaper bags packed and a change of clothes for each. I put on my big girl panties that morning and carried all bags and kids downstairs. I asked L to watch J in his car seat for me while I filled the car and I then put both kids into the car.
I sat back took a deep breath and thought “okay the worst is over!”. I haven’t looked back ever since. I have taken the kids out to the store by myself and everywhere in between. To some it may seem silly that I was overwhelmed by this but, I was very proud of myself to be able to do it without help.

Another thing that I was bad at was getting together with friends. The best part about this is that now most of my friends have kids! I have been saying forever that I am going to have a play-date with a few of them and I fb messaged my friend Katie to set our first one up. We braved the trip to PA and had a wonderful day.
I got together with another mom Elizabeth and we will now be getting together every two weeks for our own little mommy breakfast/lunch club (Feel free to contact if you want to join!)

Next week I have a play date setup with two of my friends from High School. It is so crazy to think that pretty much the last time I saw these girls was graduation back in 1998 (yes people i’m 32…. get over it!). The three of us now have kids and are planning a day for them to meet and play together. It makes my heart happy. L is so good at playing and sharing with other kids. I love that we are getting together with a few different people so she can make more friends. Since she doesn’t go to day care it’s very important for them to learn how to interact well with other little ones and who better to practice with than people I enjoy seeing?!

Long story short I have started to get out at least once a week with the kids. It’s great to get them out and get a bit of fresh air. L seems to sleep the best on the days where we are out all day which is brilliant for me!
Let me know what you think:

Are any of you intimidating with taking your kids out? Do you prefer to stay at home? Where is your favorite place to go with your kiddo’s?

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