How To: Gnocchi in a Sage wine butter sauce…. Yummy!

Gnocchi is absolutely delicious and I love it! So why not make it right?
I took on a gnocchi recipe for my challenge with my BBF (Blogging best friend) Amber over at the usual bliss. I gotta tell ya it’s not as hard as I thought, okay it’s not hard at all just takes FOREVER! What’s hilarious is that it took Amber a really long time to complete her challenge this month as well. She made Risotto!! We always seem to mimic each others shortcoming’s when it comes to our monthly meals!

Sit back relax and enjoy this easy recipe and remember if you recreate this or anything that I did on my blog please email me at so I can put you in my viewer’s pics section

Start off by boiling potatoes. Make sure you salt the water appropriately but other than that just boil them like you normally would. I will share a tip with you, once your potatoes have cooked take a clean tea towel and place it directly on top of the potatoes and keep over low heat. Make sure to shake your pot every minute or so. This will take all the moisture out of your potatoes and make them nice and fluffy…you. are. welcome.

Get out a HUGE wad of flour, you are going to quick mash your potatoes and put them into a kitchen aid (or just a large bowl) you want to keep adding flour slowly and mix until it becomes a dough. I unfortunately can’t give you a measurement because it depends on the amount of potatoes you have. It is probably close to 2 cups. Once it becomes a dough that you can mold then its perfect.

Take a small amount of dough and roll it into a small log (yea that sounds gross). Keep a small mound of flour beside you so you can incorporate it if you dough starts to stick to your surface.

Once you have it rolled out you are going to cut them into inch (roughly) pieces.

Take your cut pieces and throw them into a bowl that has a bit of flour in it so they dont stick together. Now for the fun part shaping them. You can always keep them the way they are or you can go a bit fancier. My bestie Nicole had this cool tool that is actually used for churning butter. You are basically using your thumb to roll the dough across the paddle.

I do,  however,  understand that most people will not have this tool so you can also use a fork and just roll the dough on the tines.

Here is the difference in shape (the prettier one is using the butter churning tool)

See … the tool is much prettier.

We did a LOT of potatoes and this is what we ended up with. Keep in mind Nikki and I are married to men that love to eat so we always make a lot of food. Nikki’s gorgeous saster Amber also joined us for dinner a bit later so we saved her some too. (<3 you Amber!!)

When you are cooking the pasta you want to do it in small batches so they don’t overcrowd each other. I would do between 20-30 pieces at a time depending on the size of pot. While the gnocchi is cooking you are going to start your Sage wine butter sauce. (Your mouth is totally watering right now! don’t worry mine is too)
Your pasta is done when it floats to the top, it only takes a few minutes so keep an eye on the little pillows of heaven

The sauce is super easy and I use it on pork chops as well… I will be putting an amazing recipe in my cookbook so stay tuned!

Take 2 cups of white wine and 8 tbls of butter add a bit of salt to taste and just let it simmer on the stove. It will take quite a while to start to thicken so don’t worry. Once it starts to thicken a bit add your sage and turn the heat to low and let simmer until all your pasta is done.

Once it is all cooked you are going to incorporate your gorgeous sauce and stir carefully

Then it’s time to dish it out. Personally if I was by myself I would have taken this giant bowl and just eaten what I could out of it BUT I was with company so little bowl it was. I did have more than one though and a glass of wine with it so don’t worry 😉

I got out a lemon to cut and Nikki and I realized how cute of a little face he had 😉

And here is our amazing finished product. I could eat this every day of my life people. I would be 300 lbs but I would be happy LOL

Good food, great friends and my family…. the best nights include those three things.

Thank you Nikki (and Keith and Amber) for being an amazing addition to my family
Thank you to Adam for giving me the greatest gifts in my life, L & J and for letting me be a stay at home mom
Thank you to my BBF Amber for going along this monthly journey with me… now what are we doing next month??? I am sort of inspired by your latest blog post and possibly something Greek? (I’m obsessed with going to Santorini too!)

Positivity in life = happiness – find a positive in everything you do


11 responses to “How To: Gnocchi in a Sage wine butter sauce…. Yummy!

  1. “PIllows of heaven”- This looks incredible!! It’s so funny that we always have similar mishaps- or maybe “adventures in cooking” is a better way to put it! I can’t wait to make this- and I’m pinning it now on Pinterest. Yay monthly foodie challenge! Next month, should we make a drink…? 🙂
    Glad you are feeling better, my BBF!

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