Three years in the blink of an eye

(I just spent an hour writing this post and it’s completely gone. I hate you WordPress!!!)

Yesterday was our three year wedding anniversary. It really doesn’t seem that long since we got married. Mr. A is the love of my life and I am so lucky to have someone to take this journey with me. He has given me two beautiful babies and does everything he can so I can be a SAHM. I am going to share some pictures with you of our relationship but first I will give you a back story of how we met.
I was in a previous marriage that didn’t work out. **slaps hand to forehead, shakes head and thinks stupid stupid stupid***. TBH if I had to do it all over again I would because I learned a lot of life lessons from that time of my life.
Mr. A was engaged and before they would walk down the aisle the relationship ended.
So we both knew what we wanted and didn’t in a partner.
I was getting frustrated because I didn’t go to bar’s, I didn’t go out that much so I wasn’t meeting anyone really. I decided to join eHarmony.

Mr. A was having the same issue and his friend Chris (Thank you!!), also L’s godfather, pushed him to join eHarmony too. You see where this is going right?
Well after 1 month (we both paid for a yr membership!) we met each other. When I saw his picture my heart literally skipped a beat. I couldn’t send him a private message fast enough. I found out he lived an hour away but it happened to be in an area that I knew very well. He answered back and we talked for a little while before we decided to meet. Here’s a secret, he actually went away with Chris one weekend and I knew he didn’t have cell service so I called just to hear the sound of his voice since we had never met… haha stalker status!!

Our first date was July 13th 2008. We were just meeting for dinner…. the date ended up lasting 9.5 hours! We weren’t going to get together for a few days but the next day we made plans and were together ever since.
Sept 1st 2008 we moved in together
December 2008 we decided to try to have a baby
Jan 2009 we found out we were pregnant
May 2009 we got engaged
August 28th 2009 we got married
Sept 17th 2009 L was born

So yes, do the math, in the span of a year we were married and had a baby. Three years and two babies later we are still as happy as we were when we first met. I can’t imagine life without him. I am not one to get all gushy for the world to read (honestly people that shiz on fb is totally uncalled for but to each their own.) BUT Mr. A is perfect for me…not perfect because no one is, just perfect for me. We are happy and have two gorgeous, smart, funny, perfect (okay i said no one is but my babies are), kids. My heart physically aches when I think of how much I love my kids and Mr. A gave me them…. the greatest gift imaginable. Thank you for everything you do for our family every day honey. I will be forever grateful

And as promised here are pictures of me and Mr. A from when we started dating thru just after us having J 7 months ago.

The next few are when I was pregnant with L, our wedding, just after having L and her Christening

The last two are from Sept ’11 and a week after J was born at my Uncle’s awesome wedding Jan ’12. I don’t think we have changed too much in the last three years… what do you think?

How long have you and your man/woman been together? Have you gone through a yucky divorce and come out better after? Give me your thoughts πŸ˜‰


10 responses to “Three years in the blink of an eye

  1. What an awesome post! Big Man and I have been together for 19 years and married for 15. I can honestly say, thank goodness for the horrible mess of a relationship that led me to leave TX and led to my move and meeting of Big Man. That messy relationship taught me exactly what I would and wouldn’t accept in a relationship. Hubby and I have had our ups and downs, as do all couples, but we have always known we were meant to be together and did all we could to work thru issues. Watching so many around me get married, divorced, hunt for love and despair over lost love, I am truly blessed to have the man I do β™₯

  2. Brad and I have been together 11 years, 8 of which we have been married. I was engaged twice before I met Brad. Everything happened for a reason and I can’t imagine any other person understanding me the way he does.

    Oh and I know what you mean about typing up your post and then it vanishes. I write using my laptop and once in a while my hand gets to close touch/scroll part. In a flash all my hard work is gone. It happened yesterday. I actually screamed out loud I was so frustrated.

    • I love that all the experiences albeit shitty as they may have been brought me to Adam. I wouldn’t trade them for the world knowing that I now have him in my arms :). I feel like we have known each other so much longer because we have gone through so much, People don’t give us the credit… like oh you have only been together for four years and married three… yea BUT we had a lot of life experience so shut it ;).
      Trust me if the kids hadn’t been in bed (L still ISNT sleeping) I would have went crazzzzzy!

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