Tutorial – Etching your Pyrex Dishes

If I have friends over for dinner I sometimes makes extra’s in a smaller pyrex dish for them to bring home. I do always get them back but sometimes it’s nice to remind people that it’s your dish so it doesn’t get confused with theirs. Most of us have the same dishes so here is my way of personalizing yours!

First you want to make a freezer paper stencil with your last name. Find out how to make one here. 
You then want to tape it to the side of your dish and make sure its held in place tightly enough so when you etch it the paper doesn’t move.

Then glob on your etching solution. The bottle tells you to leave it for a few minutes… I leave mine on for at least 10. It won’t hurt anything and it tends to stick a lot better.

After 10 minutes remove your stencil and wash off the etching solution. Here you have it! It’s a lot easier to see when it’s full but it looks pretty cute.

9 responses to “Tutorial – Etching your Pyrex Dishes

  1. What a clever idea! I’ve never heard of etching solution. I’m going to have to research. I’m thinking (dare I type it?) Christmas presents of etched glasses, or vases…

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