My Baby’s first day of school!

Today was the day… the day that L started Pre-K. I can’t believe that I have a child old enough to be in school! I guess that makes me old haha.

I have been nervous leading up to today. Partly because I thought she would cry, I would cry, they wouldn’t know her, you mom’s know the drill.
I had her clothes picked out, her book bag packed, her snack in the shape of a ziplock butterfly ready to go and her folder in her bag. The alarm was set for 8am and I was in bed early to make sure I didn’t over sleep.

Everything went off without a hitch. Mr. A got J up, changed and fed. I woke up L and reminded her that it was her first day. She seemed excited but was really tired. After getting her dressed I started taking pictures.

This is daddy putting on her shoes

She then asked to try on her backpack

It was then time to hit the road…. I was able to get her to eat a Special K bar on the way to school which is huge. She usually doesn’t eat unless she has been up for a few hours like her mom.

Once out of the car I started snapping pics again… Walking in with daddy

posing with daddy outside school

Walking through the doors for the first time with mommy

Once inside she started to walk a little bit closer to me. She reached her hand out to grab me a few times but was curious to see her classroom again…

All the kids and parents had to line up against the wall and wait for the class to open. After a few minutes L was getting impatient and asked “mama why can’t I just go into the classroom?”

The line finally started moving and I started getting nervous. Some parents were just dropping the kids off at the door and others were bringing the kids in because they were crying. We got up to the door and L’s teacher greeted her with a smile and an enthusiastic hello. She guided her inside and L didn’t look back, she looked a bit scared but I said to Mr. A “just go!”. I looked at her through the second door and she seemed fine but nervous…and out we went. All day I couldn’t stop thinking about her.
We went back to pick her up at 12:15pm. We got back in line and I looked through the window again. She saw all the parents and immediately started looking for me.

Once she found me she burst out smiling and was saying “Yay it’s mommy, daddy and baby J!”.  We waited in line AGAIN to pick her up and were the second to last to get her. She got up from her seat, pushed her chair in and walked over to us proudly displaying her new artwork. The first thing the teacher said was “This one picks absolutely everything u, bing bang boom.”
My job is done!!

After we picked her up we went out for some ice cream to finish off the great day… then home for a nap 😉

I am one proud mama!!! My daughter is now on her journey to college! WHAT!!

How were you on your kids first day of school? A mess? Calm as a cucumber? Did you enjoy the time to yourself? Did you have kids at home with you?

5 responses to “My Baby’s first day of school!

  1. What a big girl! I say that even though L is just a bitty thing! The picture of her trying on her backpack is just priceless. What a milestone. I’m so happy it went well for both of you!!
    PS Did you see my cocktail concoction the other day…? It’s not our September Challenge one, but it sure was good! 🙂

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  3. I actually cried harder for the grand babies starting school than I did for my own lol…it is a mile stone and glad you have it in pics….will look great at her graduation of 12th grade collage…

  4. Both Mina and Sophia were excited and never looked back. Not a tear was shed. Sophie was a bundle of sunshine while Mina was more cautious. It was so much harder for me than it was for them. I actually shed a couple tears when Mina started four year old kindergarten. It killed me, but it was totally worth it. She has loved school since day one. Isn’t strange that feeling of heartbreak and pride that overwhelms you when you walk away?

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