What people don’t tell you Volume # 3

I have always wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. I have also been told that I have been told for the same amount of time that I am going to be a great mom. When I met my hunny he promised me that I would be a mom before my 30th birthday :). Sounds silly I know but I was.

I am now the mom to two beautiful babies both by C-section because I have had back surgery. What people don’t tell you is that if you have had a C-section you can only have three! Three! You know what that means… that means that technically I can only have one more baby, this isn’t a huge deal because my hubby doesn’t want any more kids (I still want at least one more so we are still discussing it). Once they start cutting into your placenta they can only do it so may times before it may rupture on it’s own. The safe number is three. Some doctors will allow four sometimes five but most only allow three. I thought I would share that with you because I just found it out recently.

Considering people are now opting for C-sections out of convenience (which I think is just ridiculous btw), if you want a big family you need to take everything into consideration.

4 responses to “What people don’t tell you Volume # 3

  1. I didn’t know that. We want to have one more baby…have been trying for well over a year now. I had fertility issues (endometrios mainly) when we first tried to get pregnant eight years ago. We actually started before we were married because the doctor told me if I waited the harder it would be. Sophie and Jude we were able to do without fertility treatment. Sorry for the tmi. I had Mina and Sophie the regular way. Sophie was 9 lbs 13 oz and huge. I will just say that it was super scary and it took almost three months to recover. Jude was also 9lbs 13 oz, but that time I had a C-section. The doc told me I could have him vaginally since I was able to do it with Sophie. I could survive a plane crash, but that doesn’t mean I’d want to do it again. People don’t tell you the damage pushing out a huge baby can do. Ok, I’m done rambling.

  2. I had to stop at two with natural child birth due to having had two prior surgeries in the abdomen that were female related yet not child birth… my third was a still born..son after two girls that were natural deliveries….

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