Crazy , busy, wonderful

It has been insane in this house the last few weeks. We have had something planned every weekend and during the week. I have so many ideas for you guys but I haven’t had time to do anything but have a good time… I know, shame on me!

My mom came over from Ireland for a week to visit a friend of hers that is ill and stayed with us. The kids were in love with her and we had a great week. We went to Space Farms zoo for L’s Birthday, we went apple picking, the mall and just had a great week. I have tons of pics that I have to upload so you can check them out as well. That will be another post 🙂

Our friends (and L’s godfathers) wedding was on Saturday and was awesome! L was a flower girl and looked amazing 🙂 ….. See


This weekend I am getting together with the girls from the other wedding that I am in. J’s godfather is getting married on the 5th. Lots of fun stuff!

Today however I had to get nerve blocking shots in my back so I’m not feeling so hot right now. I am hoping within two weeks I will be feeling a bit better.

So tomorrow starts the projects again!! YAYYY I will be doing my monthly craft challenge and posting it ASAP!

Hope all is well with my fellow bloggers 🙂

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