Terrible Three’s??

A lot of my favorite blogs are moms/dads… I need your help PLEASE! Even if you aren’t a parent and have some advice for me I will take it.

My Daughter L turned 3 on Sept 17th and I also have an 8 month old son J.

L has always been way smarter than every other kid her age (No it’s not just me thinking it, it’s true). The things that she comes out with are stuff that 6 year olds do. It’s amazing and I am uber proud to call her my daughter. She is a great kid, beautiful inside and out and usually a pretty good girl. Yes she has thrown tantrums and she does yell and stomp her feet….she is human. I have to say though, ever since she turned 3 I don’t know what happened! She wakes up in the morning and is either in a great mood or is in time out within 30 minutes. The morning navigates my day and most days it hasn’t been good. To the point where yesterday she spent over an hour in her room with the door closed and screamed, threw things, pulled her sheets off her bed and cried for the entire time. Yes, I checked on her and asked if she was ready to say sorry and behave but, each time it was greeting with her yelling at me or screaming. After the crazy morning she was fine the rest of the day, little things here and there but that I can handle.

Today she has been amazing…woke up with a smile on her face wanting to play with her brother and just a pleasure to be around. Parents help me, help me understand what happens at 3. When did 3 become the new teenage years. Am I the only one that is having these issues? What do you do to stop the tantrums or get through the day.

Im as SAHM, I wouldn’t trade that for anything but there are days that I count down the hours until bedtime when I can just sit and not have to think.

Suggestions please… lets get a conversation going

8 responses to “Terrible Three’s??

  1. It will get better, but I really believe the terrible two’s go from 1 1/2 to almost 4. I know that feeling like you are going to lose your mind. My advice is to be creative. Sounds silly, but after trial and error I found certain things to get me through the morning. Mina was pretty bad when she first started 4 year old kindergarten. It was a battle every morning. Eventually, we got through it. I don’t know if that helps. Just know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. you know, I think it’s not so much about being 3 but more about being a girl! she sounds just like my 10 year old, who has been like it since I can remember! My 3 yr old boy & his 11yr old brother on the other hand never really went through terrible 2’s or 3’s – they are so very different!

  3. Ah!! I still have moments with my 6 year old girl. I’m sure it’s a gender thing in this family. My boy is placid and I just tell him straight. With E though I always treaded on egg shells and regret that now. I also think they pick up on us soooo quickly and know if we are anxious and just waiting for them to kick off – does that make sense? I don’t think there is an answer – sorry! But we have all been there and these things do pass x x

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